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Driving Growth
Helping businesses disrupt markets with data-driven experiments and hacks.

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Growth Solutions

We empower businesses with a unique combination of strategy, digital & social campaigns coupled with technology & product tweaks for rapid growth.

Customer Acquisition

Customers define your business.  With digital marketing, social campaigns and hacks we get your business discovered by your target audience. Few techniques we use to get insane traffic:

Organic Search Optimization

Everybody loves free traffic! The only way to get free traffic is by dominating organic (read Google) search results. We start with the foundation of Technical SEO including scalable wireframes and structured data; then write meaningful meta and visible content and spread out hooks for links.

Paid Campaigns at Scale

Have you tried running paid campaigns? Did you find it easy to start and difficult to scale? We work with the 3 Cs ( Context, Creative and Content) to improve the C that matters most- Conversion at scale. Triggering compelling ad copy for right keywords directed to relevant landing pages.

Social Media Campaign & Influencer Marketing

Social in the new SEO and shapes opinion about your brand. We craft social campaigns to drive top of the funnel engaged traffic and create the buzz about your product or event. We also engage social influencers talk about you and make them brand advocates to multiply your reach.

Customer hooks and hacks

We will work with you in creating the minimal viable product (MVP). Once your MVP is ready we will work with you to explore opportunities of customer acquisition. We iterate quickly with Landing Pages, A/B Testing, building virality into the product, setting up the inbound flow and channel development.

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Product Engineering

Build it and they will come does not work with millennials. Today products need to be built around customers. We bridge the gap between tech teams and customers, to engineer and re-engineer products that need minimum marketing spend. Our services include:

Web & Mobile Solutions

Build customer-oriented mobile and web applications. Scalable solutions with an Agile Approach to software development. Software tailored for a robust cycle of iteration. Quick releases, feedback analysis, and updates to keep you two steps ahead of your competitors.

Analytics Deep-dive

Your product needs to constantly evolve in order to keep up with changing market and customer expectations. We seamlessly integrate Advanced Analytics into your web & mobile apps to capture key data points and understand customer behavior. The right data at the right time will empower you to take Data Driven Decisions, rather than taking shots in the dark!

Product Tweaks

We tweak products to deliver better user experience and enhance customer value. Sometimes a tweak is as simple as re-imagining signup or checkout flow, but these small improvements can help you stand out in the crowd.

Growth Toolkit

Channel traffic from all corners of the web to your web and mobile platforms. Don’t miss out on potential leads, let us plugin relevant tools from our exhaustive toolkit,  just sit back and watch users flow in.

Growth Formula

92% of ideas fail. The remaining 8% experiment, learn, iterate to scale. At upGrowth we plan growth in 4 stages- Attract, Acquire, Retain, Reap!


Attract the right audience. We work with user personas & analyze their journeys to identify early adopters.


Guide visitors to try and sign up. Product hooks & messaging to improve visitor to registered user convertion.


Get to the Aha! moment. We optimize new user engagement to keep them coming back & engaging.


Nurture brand champions. Viral campaigns to engage evangelists & large communities.

Growth Mindset


Team upGrowth is all about Growth. We love to challenge the standard ways of marketing and orient all campaigns to exponential growth. We live by following tenets:


Our campaigns- paid or organic are all tracked, measured analyzed & benchmarked.


We spend significant marketing budget in experiments and hacks to discover new ways to beat competition.


We believe in fail fast approach. Run multiple campaigns with limited budgets and quickly reach +ve ROAS.

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