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As a reputed fintech marketing agency, we help fintech brands boost their sales and broaden their reach with data-driven growth marketing.  

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All About Us!

We use data to figure out what resonates with your customers so that we can keep a steady stream of leads coming in through the proper channels. Through data-driven marketing solutions and creative campaigns that drive customer acquisition and engagement.

Our Story

Since 2016, upGrowth is helping businesses scale up. As a growth hacking marketing firm, our focus has been on achieving rapid and long-term growth by addressing underlying root causes.

Our Proud Moments

Led by 2 industry pioneers, upGrowth has become a certified Google Partner. We have maintained an optimization score of at least 70%, showing that our clients’ accounts have been set up to perform well.

UpGrowth's team

Our team – the chosen ones, are experts in their respective fields. Our team’s expertise lies in all the sectors of digital marketing; from content creation, SEO, paid marketing, social media management, etc. Our team is dedicated to helping your business scale quickly and disrupt markets

The Impact on Fintech Brands

Fintech brands require a personalized strategy that aligns with their sector specifications. As a known fintech digital marketing agency, we have helped multiple fintech brands scale up their business.

  • 20%Business Growth with upGrowth's Google Ads Campaigns

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  • 1000+Leads Per Day with upGrowth's Pay Per Click Ads

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Our Approach

Our experts keep in mind your goals and venture’s ambitions while drafting the
perfect growth approach. Our optimizing technique involves

  • 01Market Analysis

    We run a marketing analysis by researching and deeply studying the competition in your sector. Not only do we scrutinize the competition but also their various UX/UI websites elements – to ensure that you target the right keywords and search phrases that will put you in the lead of the competition.

  • 02Keyword Mapping

    With our keyword mapping, upGrowth – the leading fintech digital marketing agency, helps you build an informed internal linking strategy. Keyword mapping assures that your website is technically proper, not only to measure SEO effectiveness but also for your potential clients. When website web pages are technically formatted and keywords are seeded in the content, they are easier to navigate.

  • 03Building Conversion

    Your goal is for your visitors to convert into leads and prospects. And you can only do it if you establish a rapport with them and persuade them to share their contact information with you. upGrowth speeds up the process of converting leads into conversions with optimized campaigns, gated content, etc.

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Growth Solutions for Fintech Companies

User Acquisition Fintech Growth Strategy

We design a Fintech Customer Acquisition Strategy based on a deep study of your clientele and the industry. As a reputed fintech digital marketing agency, we rely on crafted SEO, content, and analytical techniques to boost your user acquisition.

Purpose Driven Content Marketing Strategy

Our expertise lies in drafting tailored content that suits the customer’s demands and converts them into loyal customers. We align our content strategy with your business goals.

Activation and Retention Model

We probe into the details of customer behaviour. Our team measures and improves client engagement, activation and retention by engaging the target audience based on the funnel stage.

Use of Advanced Analytics

A fintech digital marketing agency should be aware of advanced analytical techniques. Before delivering the best strategies, our team conducts thorough background research. We predict customer behavior using big data and advanced analytics, and we can help your company cultivate a strategic business growth plan.

Growth Experiments for Traffic Boost

In our opinion, there is always room for improvement. We are constantly working to improve our performance. As a result, we apply SEO tactics to maintain our clients on top even after they get the greatest rating.

upGrowth Formula

The Fintech sector requires to be up-to-date with the current marketing trends. The competition in the industry demands the latest marketing and growth strategies, that not only help beat the clutter but also deliver best-in-class user experiences.

Fintech startups demand a different approach to valuation than traditional finance companies. We, a fintech digital marketing agency, follow tailored strategies that positively impact your business growth.

Following are the aspects we focus on to improve the value of a fintech venture.

  1. Creating the Strongest Value Proposition
  2. Rethinking Inbound Strategy
  3. Delivering Unique and Customized Content
  4. Optimizing Conversions

Our Recent Case Studies

We often come across unique situations with our clients requiring solutions customized to their line of business. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that indicate the challenges posed before us and the practicable solutions we came up with.

Case Study



What is the Growth Strategy for Fintech Companies in 2022?
  1. Building a Solid Customer Base
  2. Implementing a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  3. Extend value across the customer journey
Is digital marketing effective for Fintech companies?

Because the Edtech industry is shifting online, Fintech companies must adopt advanced digital marketing in 2022 in order to expand their business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Fintech Companies in 2022?

Because the Fintech industry is shifting online, Fintech companies must embrace advanced digital marketing in 2022 in order to expand their business.

What does an upGrowth Fintech marketing agency do?

upGrowth, known as a fintech digital marketing agency, expands the Fintech brands with their 360 degrees holistic growth approach.

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