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How we Boosted Monthly Sales for a Food Tech Startup


Delicut is a food tech company which makes and delivers delicious gourmet food at a very affordable price. The food tech startup launched in 2020 and has two primary offerings: one-time retail orders and meal subscription plans, which can be monthly or weekly. Their USP? Once a person tries their food, there is no going back.

Identified Challenges

Delicut was facing problems in scaling their business growth: particularly, how to get new customers and encourage them to make the first purchase. They were also facing a problem with reactivating their existing customer base. They were looking for a  marketing team who could help them solve these specific problems related to scaling business growth.

empathy, research
Empathy, Research, Brainstorming and Plan

When the Delicut (food tech startup) team approached upGrowth for strategies for scaling a business, and the challenges, they were facing stagnant growth and needed solutions for scaling business growth to unlock the next phase of growth through an innovative approach.  they were growing, but needed a boost to increase sales. We proposed taking a growth execution coupled with a growth consultation approach and aimed to promote the business through multiple channels.


We started with understanding the business and their ideal customer. We started our research by diving into the analytics aspects of the food tech company and fixing the broken elements. We had a discussion with stakeholders at every step of the user journey, be it the founders, marketing team, customer success team etc.

We concluded that we needed to take on 3 channels for scaling business growth: Drip campaign, performance marketing and organic growth.

Drip Campaigns


Performance Marketing

Google Ads

Social Media Ads


Organic Growth 




With the multi-channel approach and consistent efforts of the upGrowth team, we were able to help Delicut with smart strategies for scaling a business and grew the brand with our consultation and implementation. 

upGrowth Solution

Monthly Sales
  • Before - 139,521
  • After - 276,063
  • Increased by +98%
Time spent on site
  • Before - 14 sec
  • After : +2 min
  • Increased by +1.4 Min
  • Before - 314
  • After - 548
  • Increased by +75%
New Customers acquired in a month
  • Before - 142
  • After - 275
  • Increased by +94%
The highest sale in a day
  • Before - 12,461
  • After - 28,363
  • Increased by +128%


Janhar Ramakrishnan - Entrepreneur

Amol is knowledgeable and resourceful. I am glad that we connected with Amol and his team at the right time. Our sales grew by 60% in our 3rd month we started working with them. We wish we connected with Amol much earlier. If you are finding your way around digital marketing, Amol is the person you should get in touch with.

Arundathi Belur - Digital Marketing & Growth

Amol is an excellent growth leader. I’ve been working with him for the last two years, and he has consistently outperformed in delivering monthly growth targets. He leads and manages a team of young minds who are diligent, smart-working, and insight-driven. Amol stays calm during a crisis, enabling him to see and solve the issue for his clients. UG team has always been able to come up with a way to achieve results, and they never have no for an answer. Working with and learning from Amol is an excellent chance I am grateful to have gotten. If you are looking for a growth marketing agency, your search end here.

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