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Growth Challenge

With Growth Challenge, we study your PPC accounts to see where things can be improved, and set a target for you. We’ll tell you how many days we’ll need to run the campaign, along with the growth numbers you can expect. If you like what you see, you can take up the growth challenge with us, and experience the results first-hand!

PPC –or Pay Per Click – advertising has been a real breakthrough in the era of web 2.0, especially for small businesses. As the name suggests, you pay every time someone clicks on the ad. You have control over your budget, the length of the campaign, the keywords, and the landing page the ad is directed to. Each time the ad is clicked, a small amount gets deducted from your budget until it runs out. The added benefit? PPC comes with a wealth of data about your consumers and what they are searching for and clicking on, something that is inconceivable with traditional advertising. While PPC has democratized the online advertising space for many small businesses, when not done the right way, it can be wasteful. From bidding on the wrong keywords to inconsistencies between your ad copy and landing pages, that are a lot of elements that can drive down PPC profitability – and that’s where we can help.

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The Growth Challenge

If you’re tired of seeing low ROI on your PPC campaigns – be it Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Taboola, Outbrain, etc – you may need a fresh pair of eyes to look through your campaigns and identify where they’re lagging. That’s what the upGrowth Growth Challenge is all about. We’ll look at your PPC account, set the growth numbers, run your account and achieve those targets for you in a fixed number of days! (Kindly note that programmatic account management is not part of this offer.)

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Why upGrowth?

Apart from a proven track record in growth hacking and achieving measurable results for our clients with compelling paid campaigns, upGrowth is a Google Strategic Business Partner and certified consultancy. We are “Digital Guru 2020” certified by Google, and are also part of the Google Elevator programme. We know how to identify the loopholes, what metrics to track, how to mine data and how to put forth a paid campaign that clicks!

How We Do It

  • We’ll need access to your account – that’s the starting point!
  • Your account will then undergo a Healthcheck to identify the hiccups.
  • After a thorough check, we will give you our predictions and set a growth challenge, (taking the top ½ metric) and stipulating the number of days we’ll run the campaign (30/45/60 days) in order to see results and returns expected.
  • Based on the predictions you see, you can choose to take up the growth challenge – or not – but we sincerely hope you opt in!
  • And here’s something to sweeten the deal – you only pay us if you SEE results, no questions asked.
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So are you ready to scale up your business and see better results with your PPC campaigns? We’re ready to take on the challenge! Drop us a line here and send us your requirements!
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