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Local businesses are one of the strongest pillars of our economy. Together, we can build an MSME business marketing platform and help them to create a compelling online presence.

  • 150+MSMEs
  • 20+Sectors
  • 5K+Leads
  • 5Cr+Revenue

A synergy that can help MSMEs kickstart their digital marketing journey with value-adding packages.
Connect us with MSMEs in your ecosystem and boost their digital growth.

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What We Do:

At upGrowth, we have industry experts who cover various arenas of digital marketing, and provide marketing strategies for MSME businesses; right from SEO, Google ads, paid ads, social media marketing, and google maps.

Multiple Sectors

upGrowth has built marketing strategies for MSME businesses across all sectors. We understand and recognize the marketing needs of different MSME sectors.

Industry Experts

Our industry experts curate & deliver the best marketing solutions for MSMEs. Right from Instagram and Facebook marketing to Facebook ads and Google my business, we help MSMEs build an online presence.

Affordable yet effective Packages

Our packages are crafted especially for MSMEs to catalyze their digital marketing progress. We provide starter packages for MSMEs that help them broaden their reach and impressions.

Up-to-date strategies

MSME business marketing requires being abreast with the latest social media strategies and trends, and our team imbibes the latest trends in our marketing strategies for MSME businesses.

Growth Funnel

There are four key stages in the growth funnel relevant to every growth hacker:

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Help MSMEs build online presence

Help MSMEs grow their business with our affordable and expert-crafted packages.

The MSME Growth Solutions


How can MSME hand holders serve MSMEs better? MSMEs have a strong business plan, funding, and vision but need a strong platform to promote their business online. We provide all-inclusive marketing packages that will give them the perfect boost.


The world is moving online. MSMEs need to keep up with the pace. We have witnessed massive transformations in businesses due to consistent digital marketing efforts.


It is a cost-effective solution to grow businesses online and achieve business goals. Ultimately, digital marketing improves revenues, which is the ultimate goal of MSMEs Digital Marketing is full of possibilities that reduce the gap between the business and the customer.

Benefits for Partners


MSME hand-holders can extend our efficient & affordable marketing services to businesses from various sectors.


Broaden the scope of MSMEs under your care with our affordable marketing packages. Strengthen the MSMEs’ digital marketing practices and serve MSMEs better.

MSME Business Marketing Packages

Affordable & professional digital marketing packages for MSMEs.

Google My Business Listing Management

Price: Rs. 2,745/-
(3 months)

Social Media Management

Price: Rs. 4,248/-
(Per Month)

Lead Generation / Sales

Price: Rs. 5,900 + ad spend
(Per campaign)

Our Partners

deAsra Foundation

In order to provide more jobs, we need to transform job seekers into job creators. With this aim in mind, deAsra – a non-profit organization, is committed to enabling people to start, manage & grow a small business successfully and provides end-to-end resources for the same.


NDHGO is a platform that gives small businesses the power to create a professional eCommerce Website & Mobile App to Sell, Ship, and Process Payments.

Our collaboration with our partners enabled us to help 150+ MSMEs.

Join our nation's 'Vocal for Local' mission and help MSMEs grow.

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Successful Stories

We often come across unique situations with our clients requiring solutions customized to their line of business. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that indicate the challenges posed before us and the practicable solutions we came up with.

Our Recent Case Studies

We often come across unique situations with our clients requiring solutions customized to their line of business. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that indicate the challenges posed before us and the practicable solutions we came up with.

Case Study

How We Do It?

Growth hacking strategies can get you closer to your target audience and promise a higher return on investment (ROI). Here’s how you can benefit by availing these services from upGrowth.

Attract New Users

With a well-devised strategy focused solely on growth, you will be able to attract new users interested in your offerings in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner.

Boost Conversions

With their experience and expertise, the dedicated growth engineers at upGrowth help identify novel ways of adding new users to your base of existing users.

Engagement Increases Retention

Once you are able to explore new avenues to promote user engagement, you can keep your customers loyal to your brand so that they keep coming back to you.

Delight User

Creativity is a growth hacker’s forte. By crafting innovative content ideas, your social media and company blog posts are served just the way your customers like it.


Web Stories

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Does upGrowth cater to all sectors of MSMEs?

Yes, our team of experts provides MSME business marketing packages to all sectors. Once your organization connects us with MSMEs, our experts suggest suitable digital marketing packages for MSMEs.

How can organizations contact upGrowth?

If your organization helps MSMEs, please call us at +(91) 97-66-334689 or you can email us at:

Can MSMEs get in touch with upGrowth directly?

Yes, MSMEs can also contact upGrowth for their marketing strategies.

Which social media platforms do upGrowth target?

upGrowth builds MSME business marketing strategies with affordable packages that target platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Facebook ads, and Google my business.

How we transformed the brand?
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