Mukesh Ambani: The Billionaire Bhajiwala

Mukesh Ambani, an iconic figure of wealth, dons an apron, showcasing his business acumen as he tenders the freshest produce with a smile.

Gautam Adani: The Mandi Magnate

Adani, renowned for his business empire, now tends to a vegetable cart, demonstrating his versatility in cultivating success in any field.

Jack Ma: The (veggi)e-commerce Tycoon

Jack Ma, the visionary behind Alibaba, takes a break from digital ventures to connect with nature, selling farm-fresh vegetables.

Zhang Yiming: The Innovative Vendor

Yiming, the mastermind behind TikTok, embraces a new role, offering fresh vegetables to customers.

Zhong Shanshan: The Vegetable Tycoon

Zhong Shanshan, the bottled water magnate, becomes a vegetable vendor, sharing his expertise on health and wellness while delivering the freshest greens.

Robin Zeng: The High-Tech Horticulturist

Zeng, the CEO of CATL, sells broccoli instead of batteries.