Mars: The Red Planet Classroom

Young minds thrive on Mars, exploring its barren landscapes, unravelling its mysteries, and pioneering scientific breakthroughs in this alien setting.

Jupiter: A Class in The Clouds 

In Jupiter's tumultuous atmosphere, students delve into its swirling storms, unlocking the planet's hidden wonders and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. 

Mercury: Lessons in Extreme Heat 

Resilient students endure scorching temperatures on Mercury, studying its rocky terrain and unravelling the secrets of the closest planet to the Sun. 

On a Moon of Saturn: Saturn's Satellite School 

In the shadow of Saturn's rings, students explore the mysteries of its enigmatic moons, conducting research and charting new frontiers in this realm. 

Uranus: Probing the Ice Giant 

Adventurous students brave Uranus's icy winds and sub-zero temperatures, conducting experiments and unlocking the secrets of this distant planet. 

Venus: Unveiling the Veiled Planet 

On Venus, students confront the planet's oppressive heat and acidic atmosphere as they embark on a quest to understand its extreme conditions and unique geology.