Albert Einstein: A Genius in the Frame

Einstein captures his iconic image, smartphone in hand, reflecting his brilliance and timeless curiosity in the modern digital age.

Subhash Chandra Bose: A Revolutionary Click

Bose's mirror selfie embodies his indomitable spirit, bridging the gap between eras, symbolizing his fight for freedom and justice.

Adolf Hitler: A Menacing Selfie

Hitler, masked in darkness, smirks in the mirror, revealing a chilling glimpse into the twisted psyche of a dictator that history will remember.

Mughal Emperor Akbar: Royal Reflections

Akbar captures his regal essence in a mirror selfie, embodying his pursuit of knowledge and cultural amalgamation.

Leonardo da Vinci: Selfie of the Renaissance Polymath

Da Vinci's mirror selfie reveals his multi-faceted genius, showcasing his mastery of art, science, and technology in one captivating image.

Nikola Tesla: The Inventor’s Selfie

Tesla's mirror selfie captures the brilliance that powered the world, fusing his futuristic vision with the modern marvel of a smartphone.

William Shakespeare: A Poetic Self-Portrait

Shakespeare's selfie encapsulates his literary prowess, blending the past with the present, reminding us of his enduring legacy.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak: A Revolutionary Click

Tilak, a freedom fighter and social reformer, captures his unwavering determination in the mirror, a reflection of his dedication to India's independence.