SEO For Startups & Growth Fuelled by Content Marketing: A Guide for Founders

An all-inclusive guide that will help your start up in garnering attention, engage the customers and convert them with powerful content marketing.

There’s no denying that content is the king! Stepping out of the conventional content marketing strategies, this guide offers a broader perspective on content marketing and provides new-gen content marketing solutions that are relatable, trending and have a holistic approach. This guide highlights the phases of content marketing; from creating brand awareness to converting and retaining customers through powerful content. Get answers to common questions such as how to create killer content and what are the common content marketing mistakes? Your startup needs this updated and trending guide that will help you through all the phases of your marketing.

What will you find in this checklist?

This guide helps you earn the attention of your potential clients, hook them to your start up and make them buy your product. Here’s how:

  • Benefits of content marketing

    Content can be used to promote your brand, product or service to interested prospects.
    Also, it is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness for startups. It connects your startup with potential customers, through information.

  • Highlights the key characteristics of content marketing

    The trend of keeping a single content marketing approach has become obsolete and now a holistic point of view is required to hit the nail right on the head.

  • The key components to keep in mind when drafting content

    Demographics, psychographics, challenges, pain points, where they are, preferred content-type, your value-addition are some of the key factors to be considered while drafting content. Get the guide to know more about each aspect.

  • Intent of the content

    It is important to understand the aim of the content you are writing. The tonality of your content should align with your intent.

  • Identifying the content funnel

    It is important to draft the content that engages customers at every stage of the funnel
    – The TOFU (Top of the Funnel): Introducing the brand to the customer
    – The MOFU (Middle of the Funnel): Engaging the customers to make a decision
    – The BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel): Driving conversions and gaining repeat customers.

  • Common Mistakes of Content Marketing

    – Not exploring content marketing options other than blogs (Check out the guide to know the other content marketing formats).
    – Drafting content based on hypothetical buyers’ persona.
    – Not knowing the difference between content ‘marketing’ and content ‘publishing’.

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