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How we Increased Paysquare’s Website Traffic by over 70%

Paysquare Story

Payroll outsourcing companies are the unsung heroes of the HR industry in many ways. They allow hordes of companies across industries to focus on their core work by managing their payroll. Paysquare is one such payroll outsourcing company. Having been around since 2000, Paysquare has established a reputation as one of the most effective payroll outsourcing companies all over India.

Identified Challenges

Although Paysquare has been around for almost 2 decades, they felt that their online strategy was not effective enough. Given their reputation and credentials, they felt that they should have much more traffic on their website than they currently did. It was clear that their digital marketing efforts were not paying off the way they should have been.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

At this point, they approached upGrowth to help them revamp their complete online strategy. Since payroll outsourcing is a fairly traditional industry with not many players having a big online presence, we knew we had to start from scratch. We focussed on the following key steps to create an effective digital marketing strategy.



Once we had crafted a holistic strategy based on the above parameters, we began executing it. Soon enough, it became obvious that the strategy was working. We saw a dramatic increase in both organic and direct traffic to the website.

Not only did the total number of visitors increase, but, as a result of the carefully chosen keywords, the volume of returning visitors also went up. This had an impact on both, customer acquisition and brand awareness for Paysquare. In fact, the total traffic to the Paysquare website increased by more than 70% as a result of our efforts.



upGrowth Solution

Organic Traffic
  • Before 2000
  • After 4000
  • Increased by 50%
Direct Traffic
  • Before 2500
  • After 5000
  • Increased by 50%
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Rekha Jain - VP Marketing

We have been working with upGrowth for [close to a year] and have seen measurable growth in our website’s ranking and traffic. Their SEO services are totally transparent, so we exactly know what they are doing at each step. The team is also quite helpful and responsive whenever we reach out to them, handling the escalations professionally and immediately.

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