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What is a health check?

Health check provides a powerful analysis of your Ads Account data within 48-72 hours which can typically uncover millions of dollars of risks and opportunities for you.

Why Audit?

Your Ads Accounts performance is only as good as how well you manage it – and good management starts with regular monitoring to uncover your scope for improvement.

You could run an audit for a few reasons:

  • You could be taking over the account from a previous agency, or you have brought on a new prospect/client that needs a pair of fresh eyes on their accounts.
  • You could be doing a yearly/quarterly check-up on your own accounts to understand if everything is in order and whether you are missing out on opportunities.
  • You may be roped in to give the account holder a second opinion on the effectiveness of and their existing account.
  • Your current Google Ads aren’t performing as well you need them to

Whatever prompts the audit, you’re always better off getting one done, because this will help you eliminate loss-drivers and push growth.

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What We Do

When you sign up for a Healthcheck at upGrowth, these are just a few of the areas we focus on:

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is critical to the success of any Google Ads account. It helps you understand if leads are converting, and at what cost. For example, there could be an ad group where that’s taking up a large chunk of your budget with little to no returns, while a lower-bid group could be bringing in more business. There could also be a stark contrast in terms of devices and which device type (mobile/desktop) is driving more calls and inquiries.

Wasted Spend Analysis - Negative Keywords

Did you know that most of the conversions on an account come in from less than 10% of the account’s keywords? That’s a lot of money down the drain on ‘worthless” or negative keywords. When you run a Healthcheck, you can cut down on wasted ad spend by using the negative keywords tool in your search terms report to find the “junk” keywords you are better off not using in your campaign.

Time-Of-Day And Day-Of-Week Analysis

This is an important metric of the Healthcheck tracks, simply because doing so will help you optimize your bids, by helping you cut out certain time frames or move into new ones where the clicks may be better.

Reviewing Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be helpful, but you also need to review them to see if they’re actually worth it. Your extensions should be relevant, compelling, and good performers. If there’s an extension that is not driving conversions, a Healthcheck can help weed it out.

Geographic Performance Analysis

Is your account servicing the locations you have opted into? With a Healthcheck, you can take a deep-dive into your geo-reports to discover which areas are performing well – and poorly – and fine-tune your account to prioritize that location.

Performance Trends Analysis

You can analyze performance trends to uncover any glaring issues you may be facing. Then, go through the data section-wise (ads, ad groups, campaigns, keywords, location, and the like). It also makes sense to look at trends at the end of your process, and take stock of what used to work, but doesn’t anymore. This is where an audit can help – improving the overall significance of your campaign.

Account Structure - Campaign/Ad Groups Structure

Ad groups need to be really, really specific. According to Google, “For successful account organization, be sure to create very specific ad groups. For example, if you sell gourmet food, create different ad groups for different foods you offer.” You need to look at how many keywords you have within each ad group and whether they are relevant to each other. Then, look at the ad groups within each campaign: are they relevant to each other? Is it practical for them to be grouped together? Also, take a look at how your campaigns are organized/segmented. There needs to be a logic behind it. On closer inspection, you may realize that a different structure may bring in better results. A Healthcheck can help you restructure accordingly.

These are some of the basics we cover as we delve into the nitty-gritty of your Ads account.

The Process

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