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Growth Marketing for Family Owned Business

Explore digital marketing possibilities that can expand your presence in the market and surge
your family business growth with family business marketing.
Benefit 1

We focus on rebuilding and recreating your brand by giving it a new-age touch.

Benefit 2

We devise digital marketing strategies that help attract customers and devise compelling content.

Benefit 3

We curate and successfully achieve short-term goals to reach our long-term goal – revenue.

Growth Marketing is for a Family Business that is aiming for...

The need for digital marketing for your family-owned business

Digital marketing is currently the most effective marketing technique for a family business looking to expand its market share, get a competitive edge, and boost earnings. A family business has a strong founder’s base built by the first generation. The second generation has solidified the management and streamlined the business development process, and now it is up to the next generations to expand, grow and broaden the scope of their business. A family-owned business in India needs a specially crafted family business marketing service that suits its business type, structure, and goals.

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How We Do It


Our strategies are based on solid research of your family business. Our experts dive into the depths of your business goals, competition, tonality, brand personality, and other important aspects.

  • We study your previous goals and targets
  • We understand your competition
  • Our experts study your products/services
  • We draw an estimation about the demand and viability of your products

At this initial stage, we study the history of your family business and how it operated in terms of marketing so far. This gives us a headstart to decide the future strategies for your business, such as –

  • Which platforms to target
  • Previous Roadblocks
  • New experiments


Along with your previous trusted customers, we focus on rebuilding and recreating your brand by giving it a new-age touch. We devise strategies that help you maintain and create solid relations with both old and new customers.

  • Social Media Campaigns for products & branding
  • Focus on discovery & conversions with Paid & Organic methods
  • Improving Communication with customers through multiple channels

This is where we start the smooth execution of the strategies. This experimental stage is based on solid research and a better audience understanding. This stage helps in –

  • Connecting with the customers
  • Improving social media presence
  • User Journey

Attract & Engage

Considering your goals and target audience, we devise digital marketing strategies on various platforms that help attract customers and devise compelling content that promotes engagement and communication.

  • We curate creative content
  • Promote business benefits and offers on multiple platforms
  • Improve interaction and customer participation

Our team, at this point, decides the right direction for family business marketing and analyses which strategies are best suited for your business.

  • Study the response of customers
  • Organic growth plan
  • Social growth plan


We curate and successfully achieve short-term goals to reach our long-term goal – revenue. With our expert family business marketing, we ensure we achieve revenue targets that are set by a family business.

  • Increase revenue by scaling marketing efforts.
  • Better optimize websites, blogs, and other content. Include SEO elements for better performance.

Family-owned businesses need the support of SEO, Google ads, organic and paid growth, and other mediums. We attempt to increase revenue at this crucial stage using the strategies –

  • A self-reliant marketing process
  • Smooth execution of future strategies

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Our Work Culture

Here are some positives of joining hands with upGrowth’s marketing team –

100% Transparency

We understand and respect the morals and culture of a family business and abide by them. Thus, our team functions with absolute transparency.

Traditional & New-age

Family business marketing needs to blend traditional ideology and modern execution, and our team knows how to strike the right balance.

Increased Retention

Along with attracting new customers, we ensure that our marketing strategies are designed to retain both loyal and new customers.

Enlighten Customers

Our team is constantly striving to make your brand and promotions creative, & appealing for the customers to improve communication and sales.

Why Choose upGrowth

At upGrowth, we understand the marketing needs of a family business and devise strategies that best suit a family-owned business, such as

A Self-Reliant Marketing Strategy

A business can no longer rely on just a website and email but it also needs to consider the new-age marketing techniques. Our experts specialize in curating a marketing process that includes new-gen automation, for e.g., automated communication with the potential audience through all channels. We build a customized communication system that suits your products with the help of SEO, Google ads, social media marketing, content strategy, email marketing, and much more.

Result-Oriented Consultation

Our team goes the extra mile to understand The ethics and morals of your family business and imbibe your business culture in order to generate successful digital marketing strategies for your family business. We study the previous goals and the current process and set up new sales and marketing targets that help yield financial benefits for your family-owned business.

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Our Recent Case Studies

We often come across unique situations with our clients requiring solutions customized to their line of business. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that indicate the challenges posed before us and the practicable solutions we came up with.

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