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How We Helped Vance – A Money Transfer Fintech Platform Increase Organic Traffic by 60-70% From a Targeted Location in 3 Months

Vance Story

Vance is a pioneering neobanking fintech platform that offers a comprehensive range of global banking experiences. The Vance platform provides various services including money transfers, savings accounts for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), and NRI investments in India. The platform specifically serves users in the UK, UAE, USA, and Singapore.

Identified Challenges

Vance was experiencing significant traffic volumes from India, but not from their targeted regions such as the UK, UAE, USA, and Singapore. They aimed to boost relevant traffic—users who would not only visit the platform but also actively engage with specific services like money transfers and NRI-related financial products, primarily through app downloads.

Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Planning

When Vance approached upGrowth, they were generating 80% of their traffic from India through organic searches which was mostly branded terms. Realizing the potential to drive more targeted traffic and boost app downloads on various service pages, we began a comprehensive review and planning process.


We adopted a programmatic SEO approach for commercial and transactional pages and implemented semantic SEO and a topic cluster strategy on informational pages. Specifically, we created pages like currency converters, individual currency pages, Rate Guard, and Currency Saving Calculators, with a focus on SEO-friendly content strategies and page structures.

For the informational pages, such as blogs and guides, we applied a topic-clustered approach. We began with a competitor analysis to identify relevant keywords, grouped them into relevant entities, and used this information to generate topic ideas for blog content and guides.


With three months of dedicated effort, we saw an increase in organic traffic by 60-80% from the targeted locations and total website traffic increased by 150%


Our holistic, experiment-based SEO strategy led to a 60-80% increase in organic traffic from a targeted location within just three months. Organic growth through SEO remains one of the most effective strategies to significantly enhance website traffic over a reasonable period if planned and executed well.

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Growth Data

Organic Traffic Growth
  • Organic Traffic in Targeted Locations
  • Before 10-20%
  • After 60-80%
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Rupali Amin

I’ve worked with Amol when I was at Fi Money and very recently at Vance, where his expertise in fintech really stood out. His approach to growth through both – quick, creative experiments and programmatic SEO has significantly boosted our content’s reach and engagement. Apart from domain-specific knowledge, the team at upGrowth is proactive and deeply understands the balance between innovative and proven strategies. His ability to organize and his foresight have made navigating both daily challenges and strategic hurdles much smoother. His team’s commitment to rapid execution and staying on-brand is truly impressive. I would recommend working with Amol and his team (upGrowth) to anyone who’s trying to build organic traffic and aiming for significant long-term growth in a sustainable fashion.

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