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Marketing Influenced Customer %

The Marketing Influenced Customer % takes into account all of the new customers that marketing interacted with while they were leads, anytime during the sales process.

Why is it important to know the Marketing Influenced Customer %?
  • Illustrates the percentage of leads influenced by marketing anywhere in the buying lifecycle and converting thereof
  • Demonstrates how effective your marketing strategy is in nurturing fresh leads and whether the campaigns are getting noticed or failing to create the desired impact.
  • Helps in fine-tuning your marketing strategy at a nascent stage and removing the roadblocks before it is too late to take a U-turn.

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Do you all know that it’s more costly to acquire new prospects than to retain existing ones! That’s why extending your CLV is essential to a healthy business model & overall business strategy… Don’t believe us? Here is an Ebook on 7 vital metrics every startup founder should know – you need to read if you want to increase profitability, retention and overall ecommerce success.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Influenced Customer %

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This metric takes into account the impact marketing has on a lead during their entire buying lifecycle. It can indicate how effective marketing is at generating new leads, nurturing existing ones, and helping sales close the deal. It gives your CEO or CFO a big-picture look into the overall impact that marketing has on the entire sales process.

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The following is a simple formula to determine the percentage of customers influenced by marketing: Consider the number of new clients engaged with marketing. Subtract them from the total number of new clients gained during the same time period

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Business communication with clients is done through marketing touchpoints. Customers can interact with a firm, product, service, salesperson, or other entity at different contact points.

These encounters produce data that can be used to advance corporate objectives. One customer touchpoint can be when a customer makes their first purchase or sees a product for the first time on a shelf. Technology and social media are frequently used by touch points to communicate with clients.


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Indeed, the proportion of consumers who were affected by a marketing effort can be used to gauge its effectiveness.

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Marketing Influenced Customer % is the process companies use to predict the future profitability of their business. Sales leaders may develop plans for expansion, resource allocation, and budget adherence using efficient sales forecasting techniques. If you work in sales, learning about the various approaches to estimating sales will help you better comprehend sales analytics.

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Although sales are a significant signal, most marketers and business executives concur that they are just one factor in a much more complex equation.
The “Five Pillars of Marketing Effectiveness” are a set of key performance indicators that should be tracked to achieve authentic brand, business, and product success:

  • Market Indicators
  • Customer Measurements
  • Engagement Measures
  • Measurements of Revenue
  • Risk Controls
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