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How much budget should you alot to SEO? upGrowth offers an user-friendly SEO cost calculator that helps you get a clarity on your SEO spend and budget. With our SEO Cost Calculator, our aim is to help you make an informed decision about how much to pay for SEO and how you can enhance your SEO further. Understanding the level of SEO you may require for your website is critical.

Why is it important to calculate the SEO cost?

1. It helps understand if the SEO strategies are giving the desired results.

2. It is an important tool for founders to decide/modify the SEO budget.

3. An SEO cost calculator helps understand if your SEO strategies are in line with your SEO budget.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the important metrics to know before using the calculator?

Before you use the calculator, ensure that you know your monthly profit percentage, average lifetime profit, average net profit per service/product and a few other metrics.

What is average lifetime profit?

Average lifetime profit can be calculated by divding the revenue earned in the lifetime by the total of marketing spend.

Does the calculator help in determining the SEO budget?

Yes, definitely. The calculator indicates whether your SEO strategies are profitable and are meeting your business goals. Thus, depending on the SEO cost, you can modify your SEO budget and rework on the strategies.

How do I use the SEO Cost Calculator?

If you’re wondering how to calculate SEO cost, don’t worry, it’s not an exact science. When we state that this SEO cost calculator is quick and simple to use, we mean it. Simply enter the (hypothetical) variables and the calculator will provide you with a rough cost right away. This will provide you with a clear direction to continue forward, and you can build your strategy around it.

How to calculate Monthly Profit?

Quite simple! Divide the total average lifetime profit by monthly SEO marketing budget.

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