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PPC Calculator helps to forecast your ad expenditure by calculating estimated clicks on your ad under a certain amount. A user can have a simple idea how his total budget will work on a PPC Campaign. This calculator simplifies the advertiser’s work of optimizing and analyzing the overall PPC budget.

Why is it important to calculate the PPC?

1. It helps to forecast the entire budget and its expenditure.

2. It works as a guide for optimizing the ad’s budget, hence improving the performance of the ad.

3. The PPC online calculator will analyze your estimated ROI, which can help you to modify your PPC campaign.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CAC

What is PPC?

PPC Or Pay-per-click is a term used for paid ads. As the name suggests, PPC works on the pay on click system which means you only pay for the number of clicks throughout the campaign. The PPC campaigns are budget-friendly since you don’t have to pay for every impression of your website.
PPC is one of the fastest ways of growing traffic onto your website, driving sales and getting higher visibility among your target audience.
Moreover, it is seen that PPC can actually accelerate your website traffic and eventually your business sales. Being popular for its number of benefits, pay-per-click advertising has been one of the favorites of online advertisers.
A lot goes into making up a successful PPC campaign: from searching for the right keywords to analyzing the competition for the keyword. You will also need an attractive landing page and sometimes sales-generating funnel. PPC needs all of your attention to perform well on search engines, therefore you have to put 100% effort into it.
PPC is faster, result-oriented and provides instant results and data with which you can evolve your campaigns to deliver some incredible PPC ROI. These results can also feed back into your other marketing channels and activities to further boost their results too.
If you’re successful in designing an attractive campaign, then Google will likely charge less and deliver better results to you.

How does the PPC ROI calculator work?

The PPC ROI calculator is simple to use.
Here is how it works:
A user needs to enter values for average cost per click, PPC Budget, conversion ratio and average value of product, after that the calculator will automatically evaluate the expected traffic on the website, number of conversions, total sales and profit.
The PPC ROI calculator makes it easy for a user to forecast the overall budget and helps to optimize the campaign.

How to calculate PPC?

The formula to calculate PPC is very simple!
It is: Total Budget Paid / Number of clicks
The Total Budget Paid refers to the money budget paid for your overall campaign, while Number of clicks refers to how much clicks you will pay for your campaign.
This formula tells you how much amount you have paid for every click on your website.

What is ROI in PPC?

The ROI in PPC is the most basic and vital responsibility of the advertiser. The return on investment in PPC helps to understand the amount expenditure on the total number of clicks made. This also helps to manage the budget and expense of the campaign.
When you analyze the PPC ROI with the help of our PPC Calculator, it enables you to understand the performance of your ad based on various elements.
The ROI of a PPC Campaign is calculated on the basis of the formula:
ROI= Total sales – Total Budget Cost/Total Budget Cost x 100
While there are many other factors affecting your ad’s performance, PPC calculator will evaluate the most relevant result of your campaign.
Whatever efforts you have made in creating the ads, the calculator will allow you to understand the financial worth of it.

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