A Free GA4 Course: Google Analytics Simplified

Google Analytics has been relied upon by businesses and founders in order to better understand the journey of a customer from a visitor to a buyer. GA4 is the next-gen tool devised by Google Analytics that will help businesses deep-dive into analytics and measurements of their website and apps.

GA4 a.k.a Google Analytics 4 is the 4th version of the previous analytic platform i.e Universal Analytics (UA). This brand new update has many features, the primary focus being on ‘events’ as opposed to ‘sessions’, which was the main focus of UA.


The upgrades are easy once you have a firm grip over the tool. To make the learning process easy, upGrowth offers a zero-cost GA4 course to get you up to speed with the latest developments and aspects of GA4. This Google Analytics Course has been designed meticulously for beginners as well as regular marketers.


The short videos have been built by upGrowth’s domain experts who have tried and tested the GA4 tool. Each video contains a detailed explanation of a feature followed by elaborate content regarding the same feature.


Join the GA4 course and revamp your marketing strategies.


Learn GA4 The Simple Way

What is GA4?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. As it is the fourth edition, it is aptly called the GA4.


So, what’s new about GA4?


The new update allows the user to simultaneously compare the website and the mobile app data, making it convenient to follow the customer’s actions. Google Analytics automatically collects certain data, but it also enables the user to set up events on your website or app to collect additional data.


The most prominent difference between GA4 and the previous version of analytics is that GA4 focuses on Active Users, whereas Universal Analytics highlights Total Users (in most reports).

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About upGrowth’s GA4 Course

In order to understand and use the tool better, you would need a well-structured and detailed Google Analytics Course. Our domain expert has created easy-to-understand videos for different topics on Google Analytics.

Whether you are just beginning to use the tool or need assistance with one of its features, our GA4 course has got it all covered. Our expert walks you through each of the GA4 procedures and you will also find explanatory content of the same.

In this course, we cover 4 modules.

Our Objective

Founders need to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of marketing. It is important to track the metrics of various aspects of marketing in order to develop/restructure the marketing strategies.


It can be laborious to catch up with the latest technologies and updates. Thus, our team of experts has created this extensive GA4 course with short videos explaining various features of the GA4 tool.


The elaborate content of the videos will help you prepare and study for GA4 certification courses and exams.

The GA4 Course Modules

The course has been divided into 4 segments


Why is it important to learn GA4?

Google Analytics 4 is the next-gen tool specially designed for tracking and analytics. It has multiple features. Certain types of events can be automatically tracked with GA4. This tool simplifies the process of creating an event tracking system. Debugging is included in GA4’s reporting interface. It also allows the user to add a new set of metrics to let you track engagement more precisely.


upGrowth’s GA4 has been designed to walk the founders through all the technical aspects of this tool and help them benefit from it.

How to get access to the free modules?

To receive the Google Analytics course modules, we request you to share your email Id with us and you will have the modules delivered to your email address.

Does the GA4 course cover the Reporting aspect of GA4 analytics?

Absolutely yes! The course guides you with all the important aspects of GA4l Right from setting up a property, creating new events, comparing various dimensions, and exporting & sharing reports in GA4.

Is it possible to collect and compare data from mobile apps and websites in GA4?

Your websites and mobile apps had their separate properties and their own attributes in Universal Analytics. However, in GA4, you can now collect data at the stream level, allowing you to analyze both your website and mobile apps from one location.