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Multi-Pronged Campaign drove 40% Business Growth for deAzzle

deAzzle Story

Limitations of capital and resources often emerge as stumbling blocks in the way of small businesses looking to expand their outreach to a larger base of potential customers. deAzzle is a platform that bridges this gap by directly connecting local businesses to consumers and streamlining the process of purchases and payments. The focus of this unique initiative is to help SMEs tap into their full potential through enhanced efficiency, innovation, and the ability to exploit online opportunities.

Identified Challenges

As with any new initiative, the team at deAzzle was grappling with its fair share of teething troubles. The most pressing among these was the inability to target and reach out to the right audience. This, in turn, resulted in poor lead quality. That’s when deAzzle partnered with upGrowth to build effective and efficient campaigns that delivered on the parameter of targeting and generating leads from a vast pool of potential clients. We discovered that the biggest hindrance in this lead generation for deAzzle was the approach being followed for targeted advertising. This is primarily because, unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, targeting through Google Ads is more intent-based than interest-oriented.

Empathy, Research,Brain Storming & Plan

‘When you get 1 hour to cut down a tree, it is better to spend 90 per cent of the time on sharpening your blade’ – that’s the approach we took to handle the deAzzle campaign and deliver a quick turnaround in results. Out of the box solutions were the need of the hour, and thus, we delved into some serious brainstorming.


In the end, we were ready with a well-structured action plan to help deAzzle achieve its goal. The key tactics were to target small business owners with theme based ad groups, follow it up with continuous A/B testing of ad copies, run granular campaigns and remarketing campaigns for supported businesses, as well as zero-in on Gmail affinity audience targeting.

The multi-pronged approach of the campaign delivered quick results and deAzzle started receiving more and more qualified leads. Their business recorded a substantial 40 per cent growth after the successful run of this campaign.


upGrowth Solution

Quality Leads
  • Before 1000
  • After 1600
  • Increased by 60%
Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Before 1.29
  • After 0.45
  • Decreased by 49%
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Santosh Dawara - Senior Executive

The upGrowth team is brimming with ideas and energy, which they bring to life with flawless execution of their plans. We were thoroughly impressed by their on-time delivery and error-free execution that saved time and money on both ends. The team is highly responsive and kept us updated on every step of the process.

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