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Investing your money in any marketing channel without forecasting its ROI is simply just exposing your funds to risks. To avoid such risks, ROI calculators are widely used to measure any uncertainty in your plan. Like any other marketing calculator, Email marketing ROI calculator evaluates productivity and profitability on the amount invested. Manage and optimize your funds and generate better results out of your Email Marketing campaign with this calculator.

Why is it important to calculate the Email Marketing ROI?

1. It determines the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns by saving your funds from unforeseen circumstances.

2. Forecasts your email marketing campaign output which helps to optimize your monthly budget and expenses.

3. With its accuracy, marketers can delegate their funds into the most-revenue generating strategies.


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What is email marketing ROI?

The Email Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is the measurement or estimation of profits that a certain amount of money can yield during your email marketing campaign. The formula for calculating Email Marketing ROI is:

(Gain – spent)/spent = ROI

This is a conventional way of calculating Email Marketing ROI. Nowadays, to avoid any miscalculation, marketers use email roi calculator that accurately calculates Email Marketing return on investment and assists in developing the campaign’s budget.

How to Use Email Marketing ROI Calculator?

Like any other Marketing Calculator, Email ROI Calculator requires certain values in order to calculate ROI.
The Input Values of Email ROI calculator are:
Email Marketing Software Cost- This is the cost of the software used to generate your ideal Email for marketing.
Email Content Cost- This is the amount to create content for the Email. Let suppose, to create an ideal Email format, you might need some proficient email creator. The amount paid to the creator is the email content cost. If you do not have content cost, then leave the space blank.
Email Design & Development Cost- The cost for designing and developing an Email. This cost could be the salary of your designer. You can also leave this space blank if you do not have any designing cost.
Revenue from Email as a medium/month- This is the estimated cost of your monthly email.

The output Value of Email ROI Calculator
ROI of the month-
The calculator will evaluate the return you can get on the total spent in creating the Email Marketing Campaign.

How do you calculate return on investment in email?

You can use the calculator to check email marketing ROI. The Email Marketing ROI calculator will help you to forecast the return on investment. The calculator simplifies work and helps you to optimize the email marketing budget.

Does email marketing have the best ROI?

For the past few years, Email marketing is generating higher returns than many other marketing campaigns. Likewise, it is an effective medium for remarketing as well. This is why, most of the marketing are turning their steps towards Email marketing and spending more time in creating a well-defined email marketing strategy.

How to improve ROI in Email Marketing Strategy?

To accelerate ROI in Email Marketing Strategy, you may need to focus on some points. A clear idea about your audience, engaging content, attractive email design and using the right software to develop your email are some of the essential points that can affect the ROI.
After optimizing overall costs and expenses, you can calculate the ROI in our Email ROI calculator. This can help you to improve the planned strategy and also predict the uncertainties.
Generate better results and reduce your chances of loss with the help of the calculator.

There are many other calculators that can help you to strategize your complete digital marketing budgets and campaigns. You can access these calculators anytime from the official site of upGrowth.

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