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Relay Race Methodology to Compete in SEO

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018

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In the world of SEO, you will find a lot of influential people talk about things that you can do to rank on the first position in Google SERPs. They share basic techniques that have been in use for the past so many years.

This article is not about the techniques, but the approach.

Let’s talk about how SEO can actually mean business.

SEO is a practice, and a step-by-step guide about this process can help you build better rankings for your website in the long run.

But, the steps are never the same for two different businesses!
I like to call it the SEO Relay Race Method!

Let’s look at an example. is a branded website for a local business. They offer services to a very niche customer base in a small town and face a moderate competition in the market. This is how the scenario looks like for almost all the small/medium scale businesses before they start with their SEO.

Case: Usually, such SMEs work with freelance SEO folks or small agencies to get their website amongst the top search results. As always, the agencies will promise a lot of things to be done for the website’s SEO, starting from an extensive site audit, keyword research, competitor keyword and backlinks analysis, and so on.

But, when it comes to showing results or highlighting how their efforts have actually helped the business, there’s hardly anything that is presented.

It is rightly said, “The more you talk, the less people remember“!

Problem Statement:

Is there a formula to track SEO success?

My Solution Statement:

My approach might differ from what other experts suggest, but I know this formula works wonders.

We know, there are multiple levels in organic growth, starting from understanding or capturing user intent, to getting a user from a social media group page to fill a form on your site. If we use the relay race method in our SEO strategy in the following way, there is a high possibility of success. Here’s how.

Player 1: (Starting line) – Set up the pace and the foundation

This can give you a head start in the race.

– This process actually starts even before the website goes live.

– Website architecture plays an important part in the success of your overall SEO efforts, and remember, nobody wants to rework on a site after it goes live.

– Navigation and code optimization is easy, if done at the developmental stage.

Player 2: (After getting in business) – Analyze your competition and understand if you need more pace

– You will have a better understanding of the competition at this stage, as you are now aware of your competition and your position against them.

– This is the ideal time for an extensive audit.

– This stage is the most important, as it decides your further actions.

Player 3: (Consistency is the key) – “Games are not won by short-lived aggression, but long-lasting consistency.”

– This is your trump card, as you get to decide in which area you need the most support, be it building links or creating traction on social media for engagement.

– Depending on what suits your business portfolio, you will be deciding who plays the role here!

– This is the stage where you have your goals set and reporting requirements set.

– You now know what success is for you! And believe me, it is not “More traffic” always!

Player 4: (Finishing in style to make a Mark!) – Here, you actually show off!

– Analyze, measure, report, again analyze and follow a simple strategy of what needs to start, stop, and/or continue.

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Finally, it is not a job of a single person or a strategy to win the SEO race. It’s a collective effort done right on time to create the maximum impact for better returns.

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amol ghemud
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