LEGO Anatomy

The abs got sharper in The LEGO version of Michelangelo's masterpiece David.

Madonna della Pietà: A LEGO Tribute

The tender Madonna and Child, meticulously crafted from LEGO, pays homage to Michelangelo's masterpiece.

LEGOs of Liberty

Lady Liberty, a beacon of hope, recreated with LEGO blocks. Her LEGO torch held high, symbolising liberty and the dreams of a nation.

Nefertiti: LEGO's Egyptian Beauty

Homage to the captivating Queen Nefertiti, sculpting her iconic bust, preserving the elegance and mystique of ancient Egypt in LEGO.

Rodin's contemplative masterpiece transformed into LEGO, the iconic figure immersed in thought, reflecting the depths of human introspection.

The Thinking LEGO

Mount Rushmore's majestic faces made with LEGO, capturing the likeness of American leaders, and transforming LEGO blocks into a patriotic tribute.

Mount Rush’LEGO’re