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How We Helped A Stock Market Company Achieve Organic Growth by +140% in 42 Days.


MarketSmith India helps share market users streamline their investing research into a single window, providing users with the resources of an entire team of stock market professionals from the comfort of their desk.

Some of the features include: Idea List, Stock Evaluation Tool, Market Outlook, Auto-Pattern Recognition, RS Line Blue Dot, Growth 50 and Guru Screens

Identified Challenges

We wanted to drive as much quality traffic to MarketSmith India.

Our challenge was how we could maximize traffic on MarketSmith India website, MarketSmith which is a stock market company that provides financial professionals with a powerful way to research and manage investments across all major asset classes. 

We helped them to achieve their goals by using an experimentation-based SEO approach to get maximum traffic.


Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Plan:

When MarketSmith India approached upGrowth, they had a very old-domain website and generated very low levels of traffic. They realised they could drive more business and boost conversions and registrations with increased traffic.




Content and Site Architecture


This goes to show that organic search is still one of the best ways to get a lot of the traffic on websites in a short period of time. 

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