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How We Helped Lendingkart Achieve Business Growth of 20% Through Google Ads

Lendingkart Story

According to research, the number one problem for small businesses in India is the lack of financing and working capital. Lendingkart is helping them solve this problem by providing small businesses access to working capital.

Identified Challenges

The goal was simple yet daunting. We needed to keep the cost per lead as low as possible while still exhausting the entire Google Ads budget. We knew that we would have to build a multi-pronged, scalable strategy that would serve our clients well in the long run.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

When Lendingkart approached upGrowth, they had disbursed as many as 26,000 loans to more than 19,000 SMEs all across India. At this point, Lendingkart realised that they could generate more leads from Google Ads at a lower cost than they currently were. They were at a point in their journey where they had figured out how to get leads, however, they now needed to scale up their business considerably and make sure that they didn’t massively increase their per lead cost in the process.


Here are some of the important elements of our holistic, long-term Google Ads strategy:




Our holistic approach to the ad strategy paid rich dividends and Lendingkart’s qualified leads started increasing exponentially. In fact, the improvement in their Google Ads resulted in overall business growth of 20%.

upGrowth Solution

Cost per Qualified Leads
  • Before 71.4
  • After 47.7
  • Decreased by -32.6%
Total Conversions
  • Before 56765
  • After 87465
  • Increased by +54%
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