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How we Created an Actionable Go-To Market Strategy for an Education Platform


NewLedge is an Australia-based education platform that runs a short, practical, and industry-relevant training program in innovation implementation and commercialisation.

They teach STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) graduates how to implement innovation, commercialise products and make effective business decisions.

Identified Challenges

They wanted to scale into new markets and diversify their student base but were not sure how to go about it. 

Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Plan:

When NewLedge approached upGrowth, they were catering to a small number of students and had a great training program – but they wanted to explore new markets. We understood the needs of the business and created a Go-To-Market strategy that would lead users into enrolling for the program. 



After a lot of intensive research and planning, we crafted a go-to-market strategy keeping the desired goal in mind and gave NewLedge actionable steps on what they had to do to achieve their goal.
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Lucas Merlo - Founder

In just one month Amol and his team has created a roadmap and go to market strategy for my new business. upGrowth has the ability to cut through the fog and quickly identify the most impactful tasks. upGrowth team can summon and manage skilled human and digital marketing resources needed to grow and expand business.

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