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How upGrowth Created a Strategic Growth Plan and Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy for an Ayurvedic Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) Family-owned Business in 2 Months


Modanci is a beauty and personal care brand specializing in ayurvedic products. The 1st generation of the family with 25+ years of experience in ayurvedic sciences started the company. They also own other successful ayurvedic businesses like resorts and OTC products.

Identified Challenges

2nd generation of businesses needed help growing the company despite having successfully cracked product development and all the scientific knowledge required. Modanci was looking for a growth plan created by a systematic approach to scale the business nationally and internationally. 

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Research, Brainstorming & Plan

When Modanci approached upGrowth, they already had streamlined product development; existing customers liked the product and wanted to scale the business. upGrowth’s growth team understood the company and started creating the strategic growth plan.






Modanci team came to upGrowth with a need for guidance, strategy and planning. After the planning was concluded through Growth Consultation, the Modanci team was very energized and happy and felt more confident than ever about Modanci’s growth.

Team Modanci decided to continue the Growth Execution of the plan with upGrowth to ensure the business’s success. 



Dr Suyog Dandekar - Founder, Modnaci

We wouldn’t have thought of this if it weren’t for upGrowth; we would have taken the traditional path. After two months of experience, we are confident that Modnaci will work; for the first time, an agency came prepared with many topics before the meeting. Unlike most calls, there was no need to ask about the agenda beforehand. The entire experience was beautiful and enjoyable. We are impressed with upGrowth’s patience and detailed explanations on every topic.

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