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Tools to Enrich Your Video Marketing Strategy

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018

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Videos are all the rage in the marketing world today – they’re not based on heavy files anymore, they’re attractive and can help brands to communicate with their audiences.

You can use videos for introducing a new product, showing behind the scenes footage, showcasing a promotional event or offering a tutorial aimed at solving a specific problem.

Firstly, let’s run through “Why you need a video marketing strategy ?”.

Benefits of Video Marketing Strategy

  1. To connect with your Audience
  2. Increase your SEO ranking
  3. To retain your customers
  4. Customers usually prefer to watch a video than read information
  5. To boost your conversion rates
  6. To increases shareability
  7. They do well on mobiles.
  8. They are the best medium to explain anything

If you want to learn more on how to create and implement a Video Marketing Strategy, drop us an email. We are happy to help!

Different platforms where you can to have a specific Video Marketing Strategy are

  1. Facebook
  2. SnapChat
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter
  6. Vimeo

There are different tools you can use for an effective Video Marketing Strategy. These will help you to create short videos and launch your video marketing campaign.


Flipagram claims 36 million active users, up from about 10 million a year ago. Those users flip through five billion photos and videos per month
How to use Flipagram?

Share from Camera Roll:

  1. Create your Flipagram.
  2. Save it to your Camera Roll.
  3. Open Instagram.
  4. Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the app.
  5. Then tap the Video icon to switch from still camera to video.
  6. Tap the grid icon to go to your phone’s stored videos.
  7. Choose the video you want to upload.

To add video clips to your Flipagram, select the “Videos” folder in the Add Moments screen. Select the video you want to include and choose which clips from the video you want to have in your Flipagram. To select the clips tap second-by-second on the clips you want to include.

What photo and video sources can I use to create Flipagrams?

You can create Flipagrams using photos and videos in your device’s library or from other social networking services. On all devices, Flipagram can pull in photos from your phone’s camera roll, Facebook, and Instagram.

Flipagram 5.0 (iOS) also allows you to use videos stored on your device. Certain Android devices may allow other applications as photo sources.

Where can I share my Flipagrams? What sharing services will I have access to?

By using a Flipagram account, you can post Flipagram videos directly to your Flipagram profile. You can also share out from Flipagram to many other networks and services.Android devices: Flipagram will work with most any application that accepts files or links.

iOS devices: Flipagram works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Pinterest, Vine, WhatsApp, YouTube, Tumblr, email, and text messaging.

You can remove the Flipagram watermark after getting the paid version of the app.
Take a look at this popular Flipagrams.

Happy Flipagramming!

Youtube Editor

You can use Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor.
Some of the things you can do with Video Editor are:

  1. Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new video.
  2. Trim your clips to custom lengths.
  3. Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks.
  4. Customize clips with special tools and effects.

Add clips

  1. Find the clip or image you want to add in the upper left of the Video Editor. Click the camera icon to browse images.
  2. Use one of the ways to add the clip or image:
  • For existing projects, move your mouse over the clip or image you want to add, then click the + icon. 
  • When you start a new project, drag the clip or image to the bottom of the timeline at the bottom of the editor (where it says Drag videos here).

Trim, lengthen, & cut clips

  • Trim: Cut the length of your clip by moving your cursor over the edges of your video in the timeline. Drag the handles toward the center of the video to shorten.
  • Lengthen: Drag the handles outward from the center of the video to lengthen. Lengthening past the original length of the video will result in the video repeating.
  • Cut/Snip: Clips can be cut into portions. Move your mouse over the video and click the scissors icon to bring up the snip marker. Move this to where you want to snip the clip, then click on the scissors button to snip the clip.

Customize & add effects

  • Rotate: Rotates your video 90 degrees.
  • Effects: Use Video Enhancements on your video to color correct, stabilize, and add filters and other effects.
  • Text: Apply a text overlay on the clip.
  • Slow Motion: Modify the speed at which the clip plays.

Add music & customize volume

You can add a new audio track to your video. By default, the audio from an added track will replace your clips’ original audio.

  • Click the music note button in the upper left of the editor to bring up YouTube’s library of pre-approved songs.
  • Browse the tracks by searching or filtering by artist and genre.
  • When you’ve found a song you like, drag it to the timeline. Multiple tracks can be added to a project by dragging the song into the timeline.


PowToon is the world’s leading, most user-friendly and most intuitive animation software.
With PowToon, anyone can create engaging, animated videos with a professional look and feel.

Few Powtoon Facts

  • Over 10 million PowToon users worldwide
  • Every second of every day, a new Powtoon is created
  • 20 minutes is all it takes to make a Powtoon
  • 20,000 new PowToon user signups every single day
  • Over 30 million Powtoons have been created and shared around the world!

Also they have more insights on Video marketing strategies which not only work, but are necessary to grow your business.
Want to use video marketing to boost your marketing efforts?


Filmora easy-to-use and trendy video editing software that lets you ignite your story and be amazed with results, regardless of your skill level.

It gives you a helping hand to get started with any new movie project by importing and editing your video, adding special effects and transitions and sharing your final production on social media, mobile device etc.

Get an overall idea on how to use Filmora in this video.
You need to purchase the program and get it registered, then reload the project file to export again to remove the watermark on the videos.


Camtasia’s video editor has everything you need to make amazing videos. Add effects, music, and more. Camtasia software available on Windows and Mac.

Create a great looking video, even if you’ve never made one before. Camtasia makes it easy to record your screen or import your own video and audio files (MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc.).

Anyone can make and share engaging videos with Camtasia. Upload your videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Make videos from start to finish in hours, not days.


Magisto is a automated video editing tool and storytelling aimed to solve the problem of video editing  by letting users edit their videos in a click.

You can upload videos and pictures to Magisto and they have artificial intelligence engines which get to work analyzing your footage. They have algorithms to take a virtual look at all of the video and photographs you upload for your movie and breaks down analysis on three levels – visual analysis, audio analysis and storytelling.

On the visual side of things, they analyze everything from in-frame action to camera motion, face detection and indexing, object detection and tracking, facial recognition and more.

This helps them to understand which parts of the uploaded footage are the most interesting, and also helps us determine whether video footage needs to be stabilized, color corrected or maximized in some other way.

They have built a collection of Editing Styles that users can select to determine the style and mood of their Movie.
These Editing Styles you select not only denotes the type of effects you’ll get, but it also serves as a roadmap for the algorithm, telling it how to treat your footage, from the editing speed to the mood and general look and feel of your movie.

They have different types of contests and promotions.


Animoto is a cloud-based video creating tool that produces video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows.


WeVideo is the online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share your movies at up to 4K resolution for stunning playback anywhere.

If you get stuck anywhere then here is a series of how to use WeVideo tutorials.
You pick any of their plans :  free or paid (power and unlimited).

If I missed out on any of the best video editor apps, tell us about them in the comments! We will include it in our next blog.


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