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What is Augmented Reality and how it will affect Digital Marketing?

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018

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Before Augmented Reality


Do you remember, back in 90’s, when Jurassic Park movie came out, it turned into a global sensation – nostalgia (the reason is not simply “dinosaurs”!). Despite the fact that it wasn’t the first run through, Hollywood was exploring different avenues regarding augmented reality and CGI (Computer generated imagery) technology (remember ‘The Terminator’?), it was a wonderful experience for the audiences – young and old to see the prehistoric creatures on screen.

In yet another promoting masterstroke, Universal Studios followed up on the achievement of the motion picture with an amusement stop and a voyaging show of full scale working models of the dinosaurs utilized as a part of the motion picture. Too bad, Steven Spielberg didn’t have access to some of the technology in real life at that time.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality can be defined as reality made with the assistance of extra PC components.

It involves technology that overlays a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world providing altogether a new view.

  • AR utilizes a few gadgets to improve the truth:

  • Cell phones and tablets through which “enchantment” winds up plainly conceivable, you can watch multi-dimensional images, 3D models utilizing various versatile applications and so forth;

  • PC and TV players to interface web camera or screen;

  • Glasses, focal points and head mounted presentations with the assistance of which you jump into new reality.

” Since we cannot change the reality, let us change the way we see it – Augmented Reality ”

Moving towards Augment Reality

However, technology has advanced enough since the first Jurassic Park movie hit the theatres that augmented reality is no longer limited to science fiction anymore.

However, is augmented reality constrained to sci-fi, films and motion picture advancements? Not in the least.

Augmented reality innovation has as of now changed the way we communicate with our environment. It has discovered its place in the sun with advanced promoting development driving the way and many brands have bounced onto the fleeting trend.

What stays to be seen is, the place it will head from here. Let’s take a look at what possibilities lie in the near future of augmented reality.

Where can Augmented Reality be used?

1.To get information tied to a place

2.Extension of advertisement and catalogs

3.Visualization (in real location)

With the wild accomplishment of the new Pokemon Go, many have been left pondering whether enlarged the truth is staying put. You may recall the fervor behind Google Glass and how it failed out, yet what different things can profit by the innovation?

Not quite the same as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) depends on “layering” virtual items onto this present reality. Rather than having a totally new scene, the procedure gives ‘genuine living’ an  turn as overlays anticipated onto the gadget.

Past Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality can possibly essentially add to our worldwide economy in various ventures and additionally help propel fields that would demonstrate useful for not only our security or well being but rather and also our human progression in general.

Interesting uses of Augment Reality with instances

    1) Movies


My ever favorite, one of its kind movie, Avatar, masked the lines amongst reality and movement. The advancement and promoting effort pushed Augmented reality more than ever. Avatar toys manufactured by Mattel included a card that can be scanned by a webcam.

The outcome was an Augmented reality robot or character that comes to life on your PC screen. The technology which was created by Total Immersion additionally incorporates intuitiveness by adding a button to the cards. Pressing the buttons causes the on-screen character to shoot a gun or even present piece of the script.

     2) Make up Apps

Sephora‘s most recent mobile application update gives you a chance to attempt virtual cosmetics/makeup on your face at home with AR.

Sephora is joining numerous different organizations in perceiving the significance AR will play in future excellence beauty product shopping.

The cosmetics/makeup retailer presented a “Sephora Virtual Artist” this week in an update to its iOS application. The feature, which was produced in association with AR organization ModiFace, checks and scans your face, sense out where your lips and eyes are, and gives you a chance to attempt on various looks.

At this moment, you can just play with lip hues, eye shadows, and false lash styles. On the off chance that you like the look, well, you can get it. Likes it! The application likewise offers “virtual instructional videos” that demonstrate to you how to contour, apply highlighter, and make winged eyeliner. It overlays the instructional videos all over.

    3) Gaming

As a result of AR, and the achievement of Pokemon Go, an ever increasing number of individuals are getting mindful of what it is like to play games utilizing smartphones as a window to virtual reality. Accordingly, development of different games and alike experiences are using Augmented reality so as to make recreations that are technologically cutting-edge and engaging with this generation.

 4) Table Ice Hockey

Would you be able to envision transforming your front room/coffee table into a hockey arena? Table Ice Hockey serves as the speediest, most-hard hitting augmented reality game there is. The ideal approach to wow companions and visitors, Table Ice Hockey makes a really novel virtual experience, where you can see the majority of the game activity from practically any point in the room.

    5) Real Estate

Augmented Reality is being utilized by real estate experts to bring conventional, flat print materials, such as plans and blueprints to life directly in front of the buyer. For instance, by utilizing AR innovation, a real estate expert can pop up an exact 3D model of a home that is totally intelligent.

The model is much similar to a multi-dimensional image, however a customer can alter elements of the home, for example, paint shading and experiment with various household items and furniture to scale, in the advanced home model.

What’s next in augmented reality?

For a couple of bucks, an average person can point their iPhone or smartphone at the night sky and view the layout of the stars and planets in their exact locations with full definitions.

Presently there are considerably more AR applications for the iPhone.

The smartphone industry is building up the processing power for many augmented reality applications; it is acquainting the world with this idea. Many researchers have indicated the smartphone industry as sparing their augmented reality examine programs by making it more standard.

Augmented reality is seeing bit of resurgence with the adoption of the iPhone and Android mobile platforms. Computing power is being packed in smaller and smaller devices. Privacy will become a concern.

For instance, directing your iPhone at somebody and naturally pulling up their Facebook page may make a few people weary but you can already utilize virtual reality with an iPhone now.

Apple launches its AR platform for iOS, making it possible for developers to build augmented-reality experiences. Read more.

Apple demonstrated how they are embracing Augmented Reality (AR) and a demonstration by Peter Jackson’s company Wingnut AR which brings a tabletop to life with a sci-fi adventure scene – here.

Impact on Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is going to have a large influence on digital marketing. Unlike virtual reality which makes a totally immersive environment for the client AR figures out how to incorporate computerized data into the client’s genuine environment.

What this can do is give the client a much more improved and immersive experience inside its environment. The way consumers keep on interacting with this innovation will decide the genuine capability of this drifting innovation technology.

AR provides a way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital experience, empowering brands to better engage with their customers and drive real business results in the process.

From a technical standpoint, while AR technology can merge with social media, many brands are currently using augmented technology over virtual because it’s more accessible to a larger audience, and AR doesn’t require additional equipment.

Augmented reality intro for mobile apps


There are many reasons why AR is ready to reform the way buyers will see the brand. From offering customized answers for ongoing connections, from gamifying the shopping background to following the ROI, AR can change the ideal models of how organizations work. Following are five reasons how AR can influence buyer encounter:

Instant interaction

Augmented Reality makes an intelligent ordeal, drawing in the user more instinctively. The user feels lifted and returns for more. On the off chance that user was the king before, now he is the ruler.

Real-time feedback

The excellence of Augmented Reality is that the user can give instant input on the product purchased, regardless of whether different users shared them in different channels, or what sort of channels they shared them in, to what extent they looked at that specific product etc. This sort of feedback is an extraordinary information for a digital marketer.


It encourages a seamless omni present involvement for users. Take for instance, L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius mobile application. Through the application, women can see makeup being applied to them utilizing facial acknowledgment technology. On account of Fashion industry, it will allow you to see how the dress you picked will look on you and also discovering more data, for example, the value, area, accessibility, outline choices and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Procuring new users is costly and by introducing games, organizations inspire customers to satisfy their competitive senses to drive engagement. Along these lines, they experience the brand and acquire their way towards coupons, prizes, points and rewards that are profoundly modified.

Tracking of ROI

Augmented Reality enables brands to track the best course from initial contact to the payment/register enroll phase. By giving an ongoing picture of how items are faring in the market and the related analytics. It can help digital marketers to viably track the ROI.

Increased Reality will end up being a goldmine in Digital Marketing in the coming years: in particular it is mobile friendly; It can go about as a scaffold between the various types of media that computerized advertisers as of now. Utilize and the capacity to track information and measure the ROI makes it an irreplaceable tool

The rise of new, more affordable equipment will put augmented reality technologies. Inside the grip of  increasing number of businesses and people. In the coming years, prepare yourself for another range of experiences. That will in general change the way many of us do work in large portions.

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