Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)

Mrigendra Mittal

Growth Consultant

About the Consultant

Mrigendra is a results-driven sales enthusiast with a relentless passion for driving business growth. Over the past six years, he has honed his skills as a hardcore salesperson specializing in B2B OEM brands. His expertise lies in expanding sales territories, generating high-quality leads, and unlocking untapped market potential. Mrigendra has a proven track record of breaking new ground and achieving remarkable revenue growth. By proactively analyzing competitor movements, Mrigendra stays one step ahead and consistently meets and surpasses targets.

Brands he has worked with

Area of Expertise

8.5 years of experience in B2B Sales | Business Development | Lead Generation | Sales and Marketing Strategy

Quote by Mrigendra

“Sales is the driving force behind business growth, and I am passionate about unlocking its true potential. As a dedicated sales enthusiast, I believe in forging meaningful connections, understanding customer needs, and delivering tailored solutions.”

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