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How Important is your Website Architecture for Skyrocketing your Organic Website Traffic?

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 12, 2019

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What is Website Architecture?

Website Architecture is basically how website pages are structured and linked together. An ideal Website Architecture helps users and search engine crawlers easily find what they’re looking for on a website.

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Why Is Website Architecture Important for SEO?

1) Optimized website design helps computer program spiders notice and index all of the pages on your web site.

If you’ve got pages on your website that square measure many clicks from your homepage (or not coupled from the other page at all), Googlebot can have a tough time finding and compartmentalization those pages.

Image: Pages several clicks away from homepage may not be indexed

Pages many clicks aloof from the homepage might not be indexed

But if your website design it interlinked, spiders will follow your internal links to 100% of your site’s pages.

Interlinking site structure

 2) Site design sends link authority around your web site.

When your internal link to high-priority pages, a lot of link authority (PageRank) can flow to those pages, which may facilitate improve their rankings in Google.

Interlinking to high priority pages

Internal linking to high priority pages suggests that a lot of authorities

3) The right website architecture design makes it simple for guests to search out what they have on your site.

(Which will indirectly facilitate along with your SEO)

What optimal site does architecture look like?

Google likes short URLs, however, it additionally likes a way of order. Therefore, there’s no right answer to the present question — solely tips.

Once structuring a web site, we have a tendency to try and keep the pages quite flat and don’t bury them in folder URLs like /site/, /pages/ or /category/, however if we’re grouping a collection of common themes, we’ll typically cluster these into a virtual folder/directory.

You’ll see this with our digital promoting services, like SEO (/digital-marketing/seo/) & PPC (/digital-marketing/ppc/).

With hottest content management systems like WordPress, adding breadcrumbs is easy. Navigation breadcrumbs and uniform resource locator patterns usually match up as good, and that’s the case if you employ Yoast’s Breadcrumbs, that also is nice for adding higher internal linking — additional on this later!

As a result, we’re proud of having our main service pages one level deep, below our digital promoting services page.
Consider a web site with additional advanced design, just like the one embedded here.

Advanced website design

Image: Advanced website design

Example website design is drawn with Writemaps

In this, the URLs for the vital pages — the product — would be buried in a minimum of 3 virtual directories that add nothing towards the ranking advantage of the page.

It’s been shown that having relevant keywords within the pathname and page slug/URL is useful to ranking the page for a given keyword, however, once a web site already has, or has the potential to possess associate unnecessarily long uniform resource locator, this could be seen as a look optimization chance.

At Impression, we’re huge fans of Writemaps for drawing sitemaps, however, there are lots of different free tools out there like Google Drawings. As Joost at Yoast points come in his article on the constant topic, it’s continually an honest plan to visualize the structure to make sure the positioning feels balanced.

Through drawing out a projected website design (and so uniform resource locator structure), you’ll notice any imbalance or pages which may be too deep, permitting you to correct the structure before you begin developing the positioning.

In fact, whether or not or not you anticipate your site’s structure being advanced, making a website map prior to of brand new site development or migration is usually best to follow.

Not solely will it permit you to spot potential problems with page depth and website imbalance, it additionally permits you to visualize the grouping of your content to make sure that it’s logical and accessible for each search engines and users.

If you’re performing on a project wherever you wish to log off from multiple individuals, a website map also will facilitate to make sure that everybody is in agreement on however the new site ought to be structured before an excessive amount of time is endowed in development.

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Website Crawlability

Sites are slithered via web search tools, and these crawlers visit each site page individually in all respects rapidly while making duplicates of the pages. These duplicates are then put away in what is known as the file—which can be envisioned as a tremendous book of the web. 

When somebody plays out a pursuit, the web index will glance through this enormous book and after that discover the majority of the pages important to the inquiry question and select the ones that give off an impression of being the best, and demonstrate those first.

So as to have your site found inside the list items, you need to really be in this famous book.

To be in the book, you should be slithered. When all is said in done most sites don’t have an issue with being found, yet there are sure things that will put a wrinkle all the while.

Blaze and JavaScript at times conceal joins—this makes it unthinkable for those pages (at the shrouded connections) to be crept, as they become escaped the web index. These projects can likewise shroud genuine substance on a page. 

Every site is given what is known as a creep spending plan. This is an expected measure of time or number of pages that a web crawler may slither every day. This depends on the specialist and relative trust of a site.

Sites that are bigger might need to improve the effectiveness of their creeps to ensure that the ideal pages are being crept appropriately and all the more regularly.

Interior connection structures, robots.txt, and demonstrating to web indexes to not take an interest with explicit parameters are for the most part ways that the productivity of slithering can be improved.

Periodically, issues with slithering are effectively maintained a strategic distance from and by and large, it is a decent practice to utilize both HTML and XML sitemaps, making it simpler for web indexes to creep a site.

Logical Content Grouping

What constitutes the logical grouping mentioned in the last section, merely place, a site’s design ought to cluster URLs that have similar or connected content. the foremost obvious example is grouping merchandise at intervals constant class along, e.g:




This is a far better various to a less clear structure, that might appear as if /cat/category-a/ and /prod/product-1/ and would fail to speak the connection between the class and its merchandise. sadly (from Associate in Nursing SEO purpose of view) some content management systems (CMS) use the less clear structure as their default.

My most well-liked sort of structure may also be used for services and connected pages on a service-based lead generation website, with ‘child’ services nested below the most service, for example:




A good web site structure doesn’t mean that the different types of pages got to be separated. As we’ll see within the next section, proof points to there being an important price to as well as informational pages at intervals constant folders as service or class pages.

Architecture for Informational Content

Whether you’re siloing all of your content, some of it, or you’re maintaining an everyday weblog (which is certainly a viable possibility, particularly if you expect to be writing extensively a few wide selections of topics), it’s valuable to possess some pages of content that you simply bear in mind to be ‘evergreen’ (also known as ‘cornerstone,’ ‘10X’ and a range of alternative terms).

Unlike alternative informational content, particularly weblog posts, these pages are going to be updated incessantly to confirm that they’re invariably relevant. A method of pondering them is that they ought to contain data that you simply need each potential client to browse.

They ought to be valuable resources associated with your product and services that may have long attractiveness and therefore the ability to achieve links over time.

Crucially, evergreen content ought to be simply accessible inside your web site structure, whether or not it’s joined to form the most nav or siloed with connected classes or services.

It ought to even be internally joined to heavily, with links coming back in from each relevant business and informational page. this can facilitate users to search out their manners there and signal to go looking engines that these pages are vital.

Internal Links

Just like however external links to authoritative resources offer context to Google that your page should even be authoritative, Google takes your internal links as an indication of the importance and which means of each of your websites.

This structure is additionally why you ought to ne’er have associate “orphaned page” on your web site, and why pillar content pages should be connected within the page itself and throughout your web site – it offers it context and helps Google higher crawl and add up of the on-page material.

Any page that has no links in or out of it should not be that vital for users to urge to.

After all, the sole choice for them to try and do once they arrive is to click the back button – a giant SEO red flag.

URL Structure

Your URL structure ought to logically follow your classes.

Here’s an associate example of a url structure that a great deal of web sites use:

Your URLs don’t ought to look specifically like that. however it’s necessary that every one of your URLs follow a similar structure.

Keyword Targeting

When you’re designing your website design, it’s vital to try to to therefore with the muse of up to this point keyword analysis. mistreatment tools like Ahrefs, Adwords Keyword Planner and SEMRush, you’ll estimate what folks are sorting out in reference to any page you produce, whether or not they’re business or informational in nature.

Several components of a page ought to contain the first keywords that you just wish it to rank for, as well as the copy and also the data, however it may also be useful to incorporate the most keyword within the universal resource locator.

If doable, you ought to additionally avoid strings of numbers in a very key page’s universal resource locator, as this waters down the topical signals you’re causation Google.

Optimised URLs don’t seem to be as powerful ranking signals as they were within the past, however it’s higher to incorporate them than not.

User Experience

Well optimised URLs also can build your website easier for humans to navigate. The inclusion of the first keyword within the URL’s string is one vital part, serving to to speak the key topic of the page, however a logical folder structure, as delineated higher than, is additionally useful.

If your folder structure is descriptive (e.g. /coats/parkas/ instead of /category/parkas/), it helps users see that space of the web site they’re in and what else there is to explore. within the example given there, the actual fact that ‘coats’ is gift within the URL structure could encourage a user to explore a lot of of your product than if they solely targeted on parkas.

As with the SEO edges, the married woman edges to well-optimized URLs aren’t excessively impactful, however once you’re coming up with your website design from scratch it is smart to all or any the tiny details right the 1st time.


Incorporating all of those parts into your web site to boost its SEO can yield positive results. every one of those things can have a small impact within the overall performance, however once they are utilised along within the correct method, it’ll be a game-changer.

Every amendment that’s enforced can boost your site’s ranking in the search results, bit by bit, and once they are all formed, you’ll see the results. Website design for SEO isn’t one thing that should be tough and once you get the suspend of it, it’ll be the one thing that comes as a habit as your whole grows.

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