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SAS Startup – 5 Essential Strategies

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018

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5 Essential Strategies to Generate Pre-Launch Registration for Your SAS Startup

Have you ever wondered how some companies get so much business day in and day out?
Running a startup can be extreme; it’s a herculean task getting your idea approved. However, in the event that you’ve been in the trenches, it can be a long hard trudge to get those first clients utilizing your application or purchasing your product.
In here, the challenge is not to have the best opportunity, but to have a robust plan which will drive the strategy for a successful outcome. Therefore, developing effective pre-launch registration strategies for SAS startup are subject to envisioning desired objectives and sustainable growth plan with the help of in-depth industry and market assessment.

Now Let’s First Understand What SAS technology is?

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a cohesive system which enables you to deliver information and decision supports the technological architecture of your enterprise. Beginning with banner ads and pay per click mode, the recent advent of demand-side platforms to mobile and video ads; online adverting continues to evolve. Therefore, while Digital Marketing market is growing rapidly, SAS technology plays a vital role in analyzing the outcome of the entire pre-launch marketing activities utilized for a brand.
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Why Do We Need a Pre-Launch Strategy in the First Place?

Before we dive in further, let’s first understand that ultimately the entire purpose of a pre-launch is to laser-target a cluster of potential buyers for your product, service or a business opportunity and get them rolling your way.
Success can seldom accelerate growth once you are out there in the market. Primarily, ensure to align your pre-launch marketing activities in line with your target else you might just end up spending way more than you just acquire additional customers.
The entire game begins with the product itself. How does it really make a difference?
When you enter a new market, it strives for market penetration. The principal objective of the market infiltration technique is to launch a product and enter the market as swiftly as possible and reasonably be expected to capture a sizeable piece of the pie.
What you need to do is learn to not only create a good product but also market it like an expert? Here are a few fruitful strategies that will help generate pre-launch registration for your SAS startups.

Month by Month Strategy

1. Build a Pre-Launch Page

A landing page is the image of your product to the world outside. It can enable you to convey the correct message to the correct target audience.
As a rule, you ought to consider growth before you even launch your product. That is the reason; you ought to have a place where you can inspire clients to agree to accept special features, e.g., early access, exceptional offer, endowments, etc. A few quick wins for your landing page could be, having a clear value proposition, CTA (Calls to Action) in several places in your page; ideally, in the top right-hand corner or at the bottom of the page.

Landing page

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It is considered to be one among the most feasible modes of creating momentum for your product.
Some of the best pre-launch landing pages include Taasky or Aden Brook Home. Make sure your page clearly tells the purpose of the landing page.

2. Run a Pre-Launch Campaign

Get people to know you! If you know your product is awesome, people are going to want the chance to win it. Transform early visitors into supporters of your product. When somebody visits your site, she can join a holdup list or a giveaway where she can get early access on the off chance that she refers her companions of the same need. On this demand, run a contest that influences virility and sharing.
Who wants an influx of users that don’t know what your product does? Let your product do the talking.
Let’s say, for instance, your pre-launch page can have a countdown that tells people when the product is about to launch. This will create a sense of urgency in their minds which will act as a great tool in creating a pre-launch buzz campaign to market your product.
You can further keep them engaged with email marketing by stirring conversations with powerful content. Running a pre-launch social media campaign is considered to be one among the most feasible modes of creating momentum for your product. On the other hand, email campaigns overshadow free pamphlets or cold calls since users always prefer continued correspondence when they sign up for it. This will enable you to captivate and retain the interest of your target audience.
Thanks to the viral nature of social media, when you share posts, consider boosting them. This will also help gather a bigger set of audience.
Here are a few pre-launch campaign examples that did wonders.

3. List Your Product on Betalist to Beta Test Your Offering!

Have you tried Product Hunt? Betatlist?
There are a few sites where you can uncover your startup and build backlinks. It’s important to get backlinks to your site and those that make a difference.
One of the most important strategies to set up a beta launch plan and initiate in list building. With the help of beta testing, your way gets swifter by every step you take.
In my opinion, the biggest advantage of a pre-launch strategy is that it allows you to catch hold of early adopters who would willingly beta test your product. This way you have plenty of honest customer feedback that enables you to make amendments to your product before it is officially launched.
Make it a point to capture their stories, review their performance, know what exactly do they need, etc. Additionally, these beta testers can become your brand ambassadors and offer them additional benefits.
Dropbox plays a vibrant example to us all in this arena. They successfully tested a beta version of its service as part of its pre-launch strategy and won over 1 million users in its initial 7 months.
After all, customer acquisition is among the most significant strategies that fall undergrowth marketing.
It simply helps add virility to your product.

4. Do More Than Just Inspiring New Users

Reward-based tactics are popular mechanisms for running a successful pre-launch strategy. They get viral easily and also feasible financially. Let’s take an example of Evernote; the popular note-taking software. It runs a refer-a-friend program to reward users for inviting their friends. The program awards its users with successful user sign-ups and premium subscriptions that can be redeemed for increased storage space for free months.
Isn’t that an amazing way to understand what exactly your target audience wants?
That’s how you build relationships!
You can also consider, targeting magazines or reporters who are always on the run to look for new stories and sell yourself in order to create hype before launching as a part of your pre-launch marketing activities.
*Reminder, never stop building or updating your list!

5. Write Blogs Often

This is what will give your product an unstoppable momentum. Your pre-launch marketing must include some blogs, infographics, SEO articles so that your target audience can easily find you online. Using target keywords, quality content, linking out to other industry influencers to improve your blog’s search rankings, also helps provide more visibility. Contemplate using Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help determine the keywords you want to rank for.

Customer Acquisition

Image Source
In the event that you need to impart insights and to delight your clients with experiences of your application, a blog is all you require. Furthermore, best of all, you don’t need to be a specialist to write one.

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Don’t forget; your primary purpose is to provide matter that your customers want and need. The simple secret to success is to craft the type of content that will help your visitors report their challenges for free.
When you share a new piece of content, immediately share it on the social media networks that you’ve set up for your new startup.
Therefore, let the words flow!
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One last thought!
While there are many strategies to generate pre-launch registration for your startup, a strategic plan as mentioned above can help gain the best results.
Make sure you track everything. Analyze where your traffic comes from and what is it that your target audience likes; then do more of those. Track your progress on a monthly base, and that’s how you will understand where you stand.
Not to forget, this way you land & expand; after all, it’s all about the conversion after the pre-launch!

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