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SEO Agency for SaaS Product: 10 Reasons Why you Need an Experienced SEO Agency

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: July 12, 2022

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SaaS is a growing sector – and there are all kinds of companies catering to very specific software needs for other businesses. But, with more startups launching everyday, getting eyeballs on your business needs a good strategy and sound knowledge of your customer. 

And the best way to do it is to make sure your content stacks up for your audience is to ensure you use the terms and words your audience is searching for. Or, optimise your site and content for search engines, SEO. 

An SEO agency for SaaS that has experience creating strategies for startups is the best way to get started on an SEO plan for your SaaS product. Here are 10 reasons why to hire an experienced SEO agency for SaaS

1. Visibility 

SEO gives you better visibility on the search engines – by publishing content with targeted keywords that your audience will likely be searching for, you have a greater chance at getting found by the right customers and showing up in relevant searches. You may have well-written content that explains your product and service in great detail, stating its features and benefits, but if it is not SEO-friendly, it will not be visible to the folks who need it. 

2. Trust building

SEO helps build trust. By using targeted keywords, adding links to other relevant and reliable websites, and creating content that is sharable, you can make your site more credible to readers and build on trust and authenticity.

3. Expand your digital footprint 

Everything is digital these days – and if you’re a SaaS company you need to be easily “findable” online, on multiple platforms. The digital footprint begins with search. And since SEO has a direct impact on search results, investing in SEO strategy with an SEO agency for SaaS will help boost your SERPs and broaden your digital footprint.

4. Boost traffic

The stronger your keyword game, the more likely you will be found online by prospective customers, generating more traffic. SEO can help increase your web traffic by ensuring you feature in relevant searches, drawing in more readers/visitors.

5. Cut down on paid ads

Paid ads are a great way to get found – but they are also very expensive and may not guarantee conversions. SEO is a great strategy in the long term, because it brings in genuine, organic visitors – and it will reduce your dependence on paid ads to get the right people to visit your site. 

6. Generate awareness about your product 

The thing about SaaS is, the product can be broad and easily understood, or niche and technical. You have likely built a great product that’s loaded with features and user-friendly. But if no one knows about it, there’s really not much of a point. SEO is the gateway to generating awareness about your product. You can publicise your business and grab the attention of the right businesses and retail consumers who will benefit from your product with SEO, and once they are on your page, navigate them to learn more about your product.

7. Generate awareness about your brand 

Similar to generating awareness about your product, SEO will also bring more people to recognise your brand name and associate the product/service with your brand name. Involving an SEO agency for SaaS in your brand strategy can help you generate the right keywords and content plan for brand awareness.

8. Differentiate yourself from similar players in the market

Your competitors are doing what they can to capture their share of the market. And SEO is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from other players in the market. You know what makes you product different and better – so you should combine SEO and inbound marketing to attract potential customers organically. If you do not conduct competitor research with an SEO agency for SaaS, your competitors will likely snap up your potential customers.

9. Emerge as a thought leader

Content marketing backed by SEO is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field. When you publish credible content, it builds trust and lets the community know that you know your stuff. An SEO agency for SaaS can help you create the right clusters of keywords for long form blog posts and opinion pieces. 

10. Boost your sign up rate (and get more subscribers)

SaaS usually works on a free trial model – you want more people to sign up for your product, give it a try and then commit to a longer plan. Hiring an SEO agency for SaaS and creating content that is easily discovered, relevant and shareable gets the word out there and will boost traffic and eventual sign up rates, which will lead to more subscribers in the long run. 

Why it Pays to Work with an SEO Agency for SaaS

As a SaaS founder, you’re an expert on our product – but you may not have the expertise (or even the time) to look into tailored SEO strategy. 

An SEO agency can do the behind-the-scenes work to pull out targeted keywords and formulate a strategy that works specifically for you and your customer segment. And in the meantime, you have more energy to focus on your product. 

If you are looking for an SEO agency for SaaS, an SEO company for SaaS, or an SEO consulting company for SaaS, reach out to us. At upGrowth, we’ve worked with companies on specific strategies for SEO for startups and helped businesses boost traffic and gain leads and conversions.

If you are a startup or even a large scale company looking out for an SEO agency for SaaS, get in touch with our growth consultants and we can do a hygiene check of your existing SEO and work with you on a strategy to achieve your business goals. 


How do I do SEO for SaaS?

Much like doing SEO for other businesses, SEO for SaaS follows the same route. Hire an SEO agency for SaaS to run a site audit, find SEO-friendly keywords and search terms, optimise your site structure, links, headlines and tags. Then, you need to start writing content and blog posts that are keyword-rich, and publish it on a regular basis. You should also focus on technical and off-page SEO which generates valuable backlinks that indicate to Google that your site has high-quality content. 

What companies help with SEO?

There are companies all over the world that help with SEO. Neil Patel, ReachLocal, OutBox etc are some of the well-known international names. Other names include Big Leap, Delante, Searchbloom etc. In India, companies like upGrowth also provide SEO services and is a well-known SEO consulting company for SaaS

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