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Importance of Long Form Content for SEO

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018

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SEO Stands for search engine optimization . In other terms it is technique of ranking your website on high rankings in search engines. 75% of searches are done by using Google it means that ranking your website on top rankings on google search is called search engine optimization.

There are many ways and techniques to bring your website on top in the search- Long form content for SEO is one of the effective way to help your SEO.

Other useful techniques to write long form content are word search optimization, on site analysis, competitive analysis and creating links.

All the basic techniques are linked with the SEO rankings. While there are tools available in the market which are used to increase the site ranking.

Search engine Optimization experts use many ways to increase the rankings of websites. Few basic techniques are mentioned for beginners.

What is Word Search Optimization?

Word Search Optimization
This technique is all about playing with the words. These words should be related to the content of the website which must be ranked on the top. Different possible word combinations are made to increase the searches of that website.

There are many different tools which analyze the words being searched for the same content then different combinations are made by suing all those common words to increase the search level.

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How to do Competitor Analysis?

The second building block of SEO is to analyze the content of your competitors. Once you finish analyzing, find the weak areas of the competitors, try to make possible combinations of the words linked to the content and use them as highlights of your website.

This needs little bit of technical evaluation – finding weak areas and focusing those as our strong areas.

What is On site Analysis?

In this method customizations are made on the website in the form of customized picture, customized web content etc. These increases the ratings and search optimization of the website.

Get Weblinks

Web links are the cash of internet – the more weblinks the higher rankings. There are different methods and techniques to get the web links which will increase the overall ranking of your website.

Get Social Media votes

The content will be shared on different social media platforms with link of your website. This increases the overall ratings and searching of that link. There should be fruitful content to make it more visible to others. It can be any blog or a article – written perfectly.

Long Formats of SEO

It is said that the long formats of content gives benefits for SEO; this is 100 percent true. It is becoming hard to get the quality and competitive words together in an article as Google is improving everyday – picks up the highest competitive word.

Long words optimization with high quality words is the best way to upgrade the weblink to the top levels.

Why Long Content is Valuable?

Long form content which has minimum 2000 words and maximum 3000 words is becoming so popular in SEO.
To convey your content to more users there should be count of thousand words or more because google at one time counts 3000 plus words from the links to display on its search engine.

The traditional time of SEO content of 1000 words does not exist now. Consistent long term formats with same words gets utilized again and again in the content which gives a better result.

This is also a form of putting clear and competitive words in the content naturally, which increases the search content of the related keywords; but in addition it also gathers the traffic of the other related words thus increasing the overall ranking of the website.

How to write a proper long content to get rankings on Google?

Once you start writing make sure that you get the topic which has detailed content and going further elaborates the content in detail.

But these words should be clearly used describing the details of it. Filler words do not bounce back your response.

This article and its content is written carefully describing each aspect of it and giving a detailed description of the topic or word being searched.

Ways to create Long Content Formats

1. Case studies and Stories

There are thousands of great stories and case studies from real word describing the things in the real world and how case studies succeed in real.

Read through them for reference to get an insight and apply those things practically. Write your own case study about it after gathering a lot of content around it to make it successful.

Before going with the next step , it is always advised to ask experts or seniors what they say about it. Similarly, there are experts and influencers who share the same ideology with you.

2. Develop Tutorials

Websites, YouTube and many other platforms are filled with tutorials, try to find suitable tutorial and learn from them.
Based on those learnings and your knowledge write your own tutorials after gathering content around it and take some help of SEO experts in the business.

3. Write Prediction and Forecasts

Writing about predictions in the industry is another great way of long content SEO. These predictions and forecasts are mostly filled with great content, statistics, graphs etc.

4. Write Bold Opinions

Everyone has their own opinion about something – be bold to write your own opinion about relevant topic. These opinions again need justification, refined data and supporting statements.

5. Use Techniques of promotion Strategy

Branding a product on internet needs marketing as well. Design a promotion strategy, write long content about it and spread that strategy using website and social media links.

This can be done by sending emails or promoting on social media. Use the feasible way to promote the strategy according to the nature of customers and nature of the strategy as well. This will indirectly increase the average visiting rate of your site.

6. Hire Great Content Writers

If you are not having enough long content, then hire expert content writers. For the best long content, you should be hiring an expensive content writer – remember, this expense is for one time which will be beneficial in the long run.

Give your writer a clear outline and give directions how the content should be and on which topic it should focus on.

7. Appearance Design

The long content is not enough to get the rankings, human computer interface factor should not be ignored. The more aligned the work is, the more attractive the content will be.

Most of the times it happens that we forget to focus on the human interface interaction factor, if the content is not aligned, if the graphics and web designing is not so cool or comfortable to read, the user will navigate from the page right away.

With long content the web page should be aligned with all buttons, links and content properly placed on the page.

8. Increase time on site

Increasing the content of site means spending time on the site is increased.

In continuation if more user guidance pages are set for the users then the user will spend more time instead of navigating to another page.

If you create long content along with user guidance page, a user will spend an average of 40% of the time on the user guidance page.

9. Be Patient and keep Going

Patience is all you need when you enter the market of competitions where every new day thousands of sites, products and services are uploaded on the internet. Stay Focused on your mission and goals to achieve the desired results.

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Benefits of Long Term Content

1. Higher Google Search Rankings

It has been recently found that long content sites have been ranked as highest in the google. The average word count on Google first page is 1890.In other words we have wasted the time by optimizing, our sites with chunks of the words and content. Longer content on google will play on higher level indirectly.

Google displays the pages with high authority of accessibility it simply means the more sphere of content is increased the more accessibility to the weblink will be increased.

2. Brand Authority

Writing a long clear and concise content about your brand results in increased brand authority level in the market. It creates more traffic flow to the site allowing people to learn more about the topic.

The greater the content,  more search traffic will flow to your website. The content should be more informative and ever green to remain for future as well. A shallow and fabricated content will result in a bounce back failure.

3. More Social Media Success

Referring to the experts to get more social media success, article of min 500 words and the analysis of min 1200 words should be written to get the social media hype.

A detailed descriptive and long content gets more media share it is recommended to write articles frequently with concise content to get social media success and to remain in the front line with other competitors.

4. Greater Credibility

Brand credibility is most important thing for the customers, flourished, concise and long content attracts the customers to your brand or source but the information provided should be credible and informative.

The more credible and accurate information is, the greater credibility of the brand will be. Some SEO experts write long unique content and the ones who don’t do it, if claims are fabricated stories with no credibility, this will indirectly lead to the less credible source or sight.

5. Lower Costs for Inbounding Market

Plan for long term investment, it will give you reward in coming years. Investing money again and again on small content will not give you much returns. Investing more today on longer content will result in better results in future.

As Per the analysts many big companies save an average worth of $20,000 per year by investing in longer content.

6. More Backlinks and Search Traffic

Getting more links to the site is like generating more cash by using internet. More links to your website will give more traffic flow to the site. This will increase the overall ranking of the site. If a business backlinks your business this will increase the flow of new searchers and increases the overall ratings as well.

But the backlink should be the authentic one. Most brands use low authority backlinks which later gets into legal problems because Google uses different algorithms and sues the guilty ones.

7. More Sustainability

It is a fact that low content SEO is cheaper as compared to long content SEO. The long content SEO is more sustainable as high precised content keeps on ranking high.

It is sustainable due to more explained content on the subject and more related words in the the content.

8. Greater Value

Long content gives value to customers again and again while short content keep it for a while. Long content will keep the consumer to visit again and again.
Things to avoid on long content

9. Quality over quantity

Long Content does not mean that only filler content should be used for purpose of filling. Make the content more qualitative, avoid repetitive words and vague statements.

10. Avoid the middle

Avoid the middle means don’t get stuck between high and low extremes. The Long form content should be precise and to the point, with minimum words of 1000, detailed and more descriptive with a go to page or next page with complete content.

11. Make Quick Reads

The world is too busy these days, if you want to highlight a specific point in your content make it in the form of  quick read for users instead of a detailed description.

Make the content like an Ad with a sub heading for the quick view and “Read More” option for further guidance.

12. All content must not be long form of content

For explaining a video which you want to make viral, a description or 1000-2000 words is more than enough. If this exceeds it will not get much reads as expected, which in turn will affect the video, keep in mind that it is not necessary to make every content a long content, sometimes all it needs is a precise, descriptive and quality oriented words to make it highly valuable.


The long Content SEO is expensive in terms of time and money investment, but it gives revenue back in the form of more consumer visits to the site, high rankings on the Google search engine, sustainability, authority to the website, more user sessions on the web pages.

Long form of content is more feasible and recommendable as compared to the short word search optimization and short content. A detailed topic will turn out to be more valuable to the website views. It delivers a readable, easy and accessible experience on the devices.

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