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7 Best Landing Page Practices to Boost Conversions by 300%

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: March 26, 2019

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Being at the top of your game in a digital marketplace is highly competitive. It means you have to stay updated 24×7 of what’s happening in the digital space. Amongst other, an essential thing to remember is to continue studying competitor behaviour in order create -subtopics for SEO rankings to grow.

More can be achieved by keeping a track of competitor traffic volumes and their customer approach strategies. If you are a digital marketer, then you will genuinely enjoy watching conversion boost by 300%. It is phenomenal to see businesses growing fast and succeed in their realms of product lines and services offered.

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To grow sustainable traffic to your business web pages, start by implementing a landing page that will create a higher reach. It will drive relevant traffic and more conversions.

It helps will revenue channels to treble in revenue flow and doubles your reach to new markets and potential customers.  

What is a landing page?

You must understand what is a Landing page is, its importance and how to implement it best to reap maximum benefits.

It is a page that generates leads and connects the user to your website. The visitors land on your site and get to know about the products and services on offer. Through Google analytics, you can chart the path of the visitor and see if the lead has converted into sales.

It gives meaningful insights into understanding the flow of inbound traffic to your website. It is also a promotional page designed to capture critical customer information since it offers an in-depth understanding of purchase behaviour patterns of customers.  

Here’s what an ideal landing page would look like:

Anatomy of a perfect landing page

Image: Anatomy of a perfect landing page

Importance Of Landing Page From A Conversion Perspective:

For e-commerce sites, traffic volumes should be high, and they must continuously create a revenue stream. How do you manage to keep a regular traffic flow? One of the best practices is aligning with Google Ads Keyword SEO parameters.

This is recommended as landing page conversions containing high ranking keywords score increases your chances of conversions. It’s not a waste of time focussing on the relevance of the impact of landing page conversion designs and strategies. It will give you an edge on website optimisation and enhancing marketing solutions.

Because the fundamental model of a landing page is built to push  traffic to your website. You can promote the business and grow the traffic quickly in a structured manner. It is also an excellent platform to connect with potential customers. A landing can generate double the leads in a shorter span of time.

Since the monthly marketing activities are already accounting for conversion rate optimisation (CRO)..try using a landing page that will further your strategic goals and increases revenues. Now think about how to manage a continuous flow of traffic- and deavelop customer loyalty through conversions.

Whilst researching along with periodic updates are great, check out these 7 best landing page practices that will help you maximise your conversion rates.

7 Best Landing Page Practices

The best marketers study competition and upgrade their knowledge about landing page optimisation (LPO) regularly. Some of the best practices to boost conversions are:

  1. Try to keep it simple. Remember that less is more. When the page looks simple, your users will focus on the CTA.
  2. Ensure that the landing page headline has a contextual connect, a strong value proposition, and clear CTAs that are relevant to your target customers.   
  3. Keep more white space in the design and avoid image context. Try using contrasting colours. Also, use images which describes the product best.  
  4. Use a single CTA that’s unambiguous. CTA prompts Click through rate (CTR), increasing the business potential to draw more customers to the webpage.
  5. The landing page copy must be relevant. Customers do not like to guess and tell!
  6. Landing page form should be simple. Have limited, but relevant fields to capture information.
  7. Find an emotional connect with the targeted user base.  

These 7 landing page best practices will help you structure a meaningful connect with your audiences who will enjoy browsing through your website. It will get users to visit the business sites because another big motivator is ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO).

It is one of the best ways to create a market buzz and garner attention. For example, use a CTA which reads ‘Scarves below $1’. It will immediately stimulate the buyer to visit the website.

Here’s what you exactly need to do.

1. Remove Unnecessary Calls To Action Buttons:

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are meant to excite the customer. CTA buttons on landing pages should be simple. Remove all the clutter and focus on the use of dominant language contexts. It evokes the emotional connect with the user’s mindset.

If the product is fast moving goods and services, ensure that the CTA acts as a motivator for the user to click on the button. For example, the CTA should read as ‘order now’.

Using straightforward language, the user is enticed to read the webpage. So, in an instant, you are able to grow more traffic to your website.

Plus, you will reach more customers since it boosts conversions.  

Take a look at a good example of a CTA on a landing page.

Remove unnecessary call to action buttons

Image: Remove unnecessary call to action buttons

2. Use Videos Only When They Are Needed:

Videos are great to watch. In a digital world, videos are one of the favourite tools to engage with the customer. This is due to the increase in the number of screens led devices such as mobiles, laptops and tabs.

People are watching movies and videos, on the go. So the use of a video on a landing page can be a powerful tool to engage with your customers.

Remember to keep it interesting. It should resonate with the user mindset. With so many facts that need to be communicated at the same, a video does an incredible job of standing out in a crowd.

Use videos only when needed. A product that has 1 USP does not require a video. In the digital world interest levels quickly fade away. Therefore, it is essential to have a relevant copy that is contextual in the opening scene of a video.

3. Use Screenshots To Explain Processes:

Understanding your customers’ pain points is absolutely essential. This can be done through the research and having case studies done on your own business failures and comparing it with your competition.

There are instances when users express their shortcomings. For example, a headache cannot be diagnosed with stomach medicines.

Similarly, if a landing page takes the user to a complex business page, the experience can be daunting. Some users leave the page when they do not follow the exact message that the landing page is trying to communicate.

The use of screenshots can be a great way to ensure that there is zero confusion. It is like a set of instructions that has been laid out for the benefit of the user. It makes it simple, and needless to say, explains the process of finding the exact product page. Also, screenshots help the user to feel comfortable while browsing web pages with ease.  

4. Making Your Brand Visible:

The main focus area for any e-commerce business is brand visibility. Without visibility, your brand loses its real value. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing tools that boost brand visibility. One of the primary reasons is to capture market presence and penetrate new markets.

Even existing brands that relaunch use the same tools to gain market share and stay relevant. The technique of colour psychology is a powerful tool to understand consumer buying behaviour. Your landing page image colour palate can have a profound impact on different consumer demographics.

Let’s say your product line has clothing for both men and women. The use of florals colours and hot pinks will entice women to browse your website. As for men, using solid colours like blue, grey and strips will work better. On the other hand, if you are a telecom brand try sticking to a single and solid colour.

Notice how Samsung and Vodafone have stayed relevant? Both brands have always used their original colour palate which ensures recognition and engages the audiences immediately.

Along with the use of colours, make sure your copy is exciting. Your value proposition should be realistic. A landing page should have an offer. Customers love free gifts. Free gifts also help in building loyalty, like ‘one-on-one offers’ or ‘buy two pairs of shoes get one set of socks free’.

Such offers will definitely get you more conversions. Remember to use keywords that connect the user directly to the product or services that you are currently offering.      

5. Offer Free Of Cost Demos:

This is the best part about doing business in the e-commerce space – free demo offers! Once your strategic planning is in place and the website is ready and structured, keep your promotional material handy.

The landing page must have an offer of ‘ free of cost – demos’ which is specifically relevant to those offer SaaS services.

Propositions which are free of cost can increase traffic volume. Offering free demos not only grabs customer attention, but also provides massive visibility to the brand and carries significant recall value.

Many top performing brands believe in free to cost demo offers. Additionally, Google Ads trust transparency, and free of cost demo offers are one way to increase your conversions by 300%.

6. Content According To Product/Service:

Content is King! Compelling, engaging and conversational content is important and the key to your success. The emphasis on using great content is essential. It can make or break a brand’s reputation.

The use of high ranking keywords coupled with related images that match the product and service portfolio will draw attention from the right target audience. Buyers interested in a specific product will spend more time understanding it.

Make sure you use Google Ads to research rankings on keywords, frequently used meta information, and an emotional connection with the buyer. Align your business goals with Google Ads. Remember, headlines prompt users to stay or leave your webpage. Use powerful keywords that precisely match your brand.

7. Use Simple Language In Content:

The prominence of minimalism is an asset in today’s business realm. The simpler your copy stays, the more relevant you are in the users’ eyes and mind. Try to create content that’s scannable and spiderable. Remember, less is more!

Optimise your pages, and make them user-friendly that can perform well on multiple platforms such as desktops, laptops and smartphones. With smartphone usage is increasing by the millions every year, you will observe that the reach trebles in a shorter period of time.

Today, companies in the telecom industry are entering untouched territories to create mobile connectivity across the globe. Take advantage of this global phenomenon and make your brand visible to the world market.

Adopt international marketing standards and invest in resources that generate a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures and societies spread across the value chain. It is always better to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So study how brands are approaching customers. Follow them on social media platforms. Get into their keyword analytics and conversion rate rankings. Keep experimenting with content.

Another idea that will further spiral your conversions is by adding testimonials to your pages. Consumer testimonials are like building bridges to reach your goals in a structured manner. It also faster, simpler and direct method in engaging with the audiences.

Wrapping Up

These 7 best landing page practices is aimed to create an impact on your conversions by 300%. Keep upgrading content and never delete old pages and its content. Recycling is a great practice too.

Content from your existing pages will help users identify with the brand. Use images related to the business. It will trigger user activity and result in a higher conversion rate.

So when you are aiming for 300% conversions from your landing pages remember that these best practices will transform your business. By removing the clutter and using direct CTA will enhance the user journey.

Videos are a treasure trove for companies- today. The smartphone has taken over the world. So jump on the bandwagon to increase your brand’s capabilities.

The use of screenshot makes your webpage value proposition relevant. Selective customers will be able to seamless browse. Brand visibility is one of the most critical areas of focus.

Invest your resources in making sure the brand is not only visible, but it’s modern and contemporary as well. It’s a brand that connects with the new generation of spenders.

Landing Page is meant to draw users to your business webpages. Offering free of cost demos to your customers will certainly go down well with your target customers. Target customers deserve to know more about the business. Share as much as you can! Content drives traffic to your website. Without compelling content, your business will suffer.

Google Ads

trust dominant sites. Try to find keywords closely related to authority sites. The closer the match in the choice of keywords, the better the chances of a broader reach. Simplicity is another word for success in the modern e-commerce landscape.

Select simple campaign ideas which are easy to understand. It’s an excellent technique to increase conversions. Remember, experimenting is equal to transforming businesses. Continue to adopt change. When companies focus on change it becomes easy to embrace new technologies and helps in allowing the customer to remain focussed.

Research on keywords and SEO are essential. Never delay research activities. Keep an eye out for the latest technologies. The spread of internet connectivity is changing the business landscape, so try to create user-friendly content.

At the end of the day, you want your landing page practices to boost business revenue channels.

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amol ghemud
Optimizer in Chief

Amol has helped catalyse business growth with his strategic & data-driven methodologies. With a decade of experience in the field of marketing, he has donned multiple hats, from channel optimization, data analytics and creative brand positioning to growth engineering and sales.

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