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An In-depth View of ChatGPT for SEO: Tips & Tricks

Contributors: Rohit Khot Sai Keerthi Bushra Aftab Sneha Pradeep Shubham Yeshi
Published: January 6, 2023

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ChatGPT is here, and it is here to revolutionalize the good’ol ways of SEO strategies. 

Consider it your friendly colleague who can assist you in various pursuits such as answering follow-up questions, challenging incorrect premises, and rejecting inappropriate requests. This AI uses Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) which adds the human touch.

Whether it is dealing with clients or conversing with customers, 

ChatGPT can be relied on to seamlessly perform the above tasks without sounding like a sad Chatbot. Its zero-cost utility adds to the charm and makes it a widely used tool.  

Its ability to follow instructions makes it possible for SEO specialists to use it to generate SEO-related content.

Here are some other ways to use ChatGPT for SEO

1. Generate the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

ChatGPT makes it easy to identify semantically-related keywords for your primary topics. Simply input your primary keywords and request LSI keywords to receive a list of closely related terms.

Query –  “Give me the LSI keywords for “startup KPI metrics”

With the brand new feature of Chat GPT Plus – the Custom GPT, you can build a customized Chat GPT that is tailored to your SEO needs.

For instance, this custom Keyword Explorer is an expert in keyword research and SEO strategy. Consider this your go-to tool for keyword research that will save you time and efforts.

2. Suggest SEO Strategy for Any Industry

ChatGPT suggests an effective SEO strategy specific to any industry. Simply insert the industry name you are looking for and ask for a strategy suggestion.

Query – “How to create an effective SaaS SEO Strategy”

Take a look at how upGrowth implemented a successful Saas SEO strategy for a Coaching Platform. Check out our SEO strategy here. Our strategy increased the organic leads of the brand by +80% and paid leads by +120% in just forty-eight days.

3. Understanding Advanced SEO Factors 

ChatGPT will help you to identify advanced SEO factors and provides guidance on optimizing them.

Query – “Entity mapping in SEO”

upGrowth created a successful SEO strategy using advanced SEO techniques that helped Fi.Money (a leading fintech brand), to upscale its organic traffic. Check out the tried and tested SEO strategies here.

4. FAQ Generation Based on Content

Easily create a custom FAQ based on your content, or generate a list of multiple FAQs as per your content requirement.

Query- “Generate a list of 5 frequently asked questions based on the following content: Marriage Counselling”

5. Get Compelling Call-to-Action Ideas

ChatGPT helps to create effective call-to-actions and can provide customized options based on your desired word limit.

Query – “10 CTA for digital marketing course in 5 words”

6. Find Relevant Keywords for Your Targeted Themes

Get theme-based keywords that are relevant. It will list the number of keywords that are related to your query.

Query – “Give me the keywords associated with “startup KPI”

7. Craft Catchy Titles for Blogs

Titles that grab the reader’s attention can increase the click-through rate of your website. With ChatGPT, you can get ideas for blog titles by simply providing themes or keywords.

Query – “Give me blog ideas on best SEO Practices”

8. Generate a Variety of Titles on a Topic

ChatGPT can help writers generate new versions of titles with any intent, positive, negative, or neutral. It has proven to be proficient in this task.

Query – “Generate different variations on this same topic ‘why SEO is important for your business”

9. Writing a Successful Email Pitch for Guest Posting

Create appealing email templates for outreach by using ChatGPT and get noticed by the top guest posting websites.

Query – “Write email for guest posting”

10. Create Schema with Links

ChatGPT also helps with your technical SEO by allowing you to generate schema for any link or page.

Query – “Generate breadcrumb schema in JASON-LD for the following link: <link>”

11. Generate Meta Descriptions Effortlessly

Create compelling meta descriptions for pages which attract clicks and drive traffic to your site.

Query – “Give me some meta descriptions for “Overcome Breadwinner Anxiety”

12. Get Suggestions on Your SEO Activities

ChatGPT suggests various helpful points that could be used in order to get desired results through SEO. It can be also used to improvise strategies.

Query – “Generate rule for creating web stories”

13. Act as a Guide for Audits

ChatGPT will provide an outline of what should be included in an SEO audit report and how to put it into action.

Query – “Explain how to develop and what metrics to include in an SEO report”

14. Generate XML Sitemap

ChatGPT is also designed to help us with sitemaps. Just enter the links and a valid sitemap will be ready.

Query – “Generate a XML Sitemap for these URLs: List of <URL>”

15. Analyze the Sentiment of Content

ChatGPT can help to identify the sentiment of the content that has been written. We can take a number of titles in one go! You can also manage the results by giving it the command to show results in the table.

Query – “Give the sentiment analysis on the topics as positive, negative, and neutral. Provide answers in a table format. The topics to analyze are:”

16. Generate hreflang Tags for International SEO

Implementing hreflang tags can be an important part of a successful international SEO strategy. Here ChatGPT helps us in generating this hreflang tags effortlessly.

Query – “Generate the hreflang tags to feature in pages targeted to the India in Hindi and USA in English”

17. Generate Creative Blog Ideas

In recent times, finding the right topic to share with our audience can be challenging, but this ChatGPT gives so many creative ideas for blog topics.

Query – “Give me 10 high-quality blog ideas for growth hacking”

18. Discover Long-Tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords can benefit SEO because they are often easier to rank and less competitive. Here ChatGPt can help you find some great long-tail keywords

Query – “Find long tail keywords for “local seo

19. Create Customized robots.txt

With ChatGPT we can easily generate robots.txt file that specifies which website pages should be excluded from indexing by search engines.  

Query – “Generate a robots.txt file that blocks the crawl of /career but allows crawling the all other pages”

20. Discover High-Quality Websites for Link Building

The use cases of ChatGPT for SEO are not just limited to content optimization & keyword research; you can also use it to build backlinks to your site. The tool can aid you in finding websites relevant to your niche for link-building purposes.

Query – “Find popular websites related to local SEO”

21. Efficiently Summarize Content

You can use ChatGPT to generate concise summaries for your articles and website pages. This can save time in promoting the content across multiple channels.

Query – “Write short summary on growth hacking”

22. ChatGPT for Effortlessly Rephrasing Content

ChatGPT can be an excellent paraphraser! It can re-write or rephrase content to avoid plagiarism issues. This can be pretty useful for content submissions for link-building purposes.

Query – “Rephrase this content <content>”

23. Creates a content Brief for a Given Keyword

ChatGPT helps in giving a  rough idea or plan for creating content around a desired keyword in a way that includes information about the target audience and goals for the content.

Query – “Generate a content brief for “Keyword”

24. Organize Keywords by Topic or Theme

Using ChatGPT we can effortlessly categorize a given set of keywords which will make our work much lesser while doing deep research and writing blogs for a particular theme.

Query – “Classify related keywords together: 

<List of keywords>

25. Generate Effective Journo Response for HARO

ChatGPT helps in generating a well-written and informative journo response through which businesses can increase their chance to gain valuable exposure for their products, ideas and services.

Query – “Write a HARO answer in 3 to 4 lines for the topic <Topic name>”

26. Ease your Wokflow with Automated Formatting

With ChatGPT streamline your content creation process by formatting your texts automatically.

Query – “Please make the below content to a bullet list”


27. Emphasize Important Keywords

ChaptGPT helps in highlighting important keywords in a given content which helps direct readers to specific information or making it easier to understand the content.

Query – “Please hightlight the important keywords in the below content to bold:”


28. Find information regarding character limitations

Through ChatGPT we can get information regarding character limit or restrictions that apply to different types of content or platforms.

Query – “What is the word limit for one Google Web stories slide”


In conclusion, ChatGPT emerges as a game-changer in the realm of SEO strategies, offering a revolutionary and user-friendly approach. Acting as a versatile assistant, it navigates various tasks with a human touch, making it a valuable ally for client interactions and content generation. Its cost-effectiveness and zero-hassle utility contribute to its widespread adoption. upGrowth, a pioneer in the digital industry is revolutionising the paid versions of Chat GPT by creating custom GPTs that will help digital marketers and founders make a mark.

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