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5 Social Media campaigns that took India by storm in 2022

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: August 14, 2018


Learn about the five most impactful social media campaigns in India for 2022, showcasing innovative approaches by brands such as Bajaj, Adidas, and Vodafone. These campaigns stood out for their creativity, social engagement, and effectiveness in leveraging digital platforms to connect with audiences, illustrating the power of social media in brand storytelling and consumer interaction.

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Digital Marketing has taken the world of digital ecosystem to another level. With the rise in the digital media, gone are the days of traditional marketing.

Every year there are different social media campaigns that catch the eye of the masses and leave a profound impact on the viewers. Everyone tries to market their product in an ingenious way. After all digital marketing is all about that. Isn’t it?

Social media now a days is a targeted marketing platform which is used by SME’S as well as biggies.

What is a social media campaign?

A social media campaign is a well organized & co-ordinated marketing activity to strengthen or assist a business goal by using more than one social media platform. In this it increasingly focuses on business goal as well as target audience.

Social media campaigns play a crucial role in industry to achieve business goals. 78% of business now have dedicated teams for social media. In 2012 it was 67% & now has shown a rise of 9% this shows how important it is to make use of social media campaign & engage customers through social media campaign.

This needs a proper social media campaign strategy. You can download our Social media strategy workbook to find out how to improve core skills as well as to know about effective social media campaign.

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How to design or plan the Best social media campaign?

There are 4 components which you need to follow for your best digital marketing campaigns in india

1. Make accurate plan

Plan should be specific to your campaign & should also fit your overall social media strategy.

2. Well defined goals

Before going ahead with your Social media marketing campaign you need to define your goals & objectiveds clearly

3. Cross channel promotion

Help form other marketing channels to reach the effective customers & drive traffic to your website.

4. Proper analysis

Make a proper & a deep analysis whether your social media campaign has reached the planned target or not?

Eye-catching Digital Campaigns

There were some eye-catching digital campaigns in India in the year 2017 that took the Indian markets by storm. Here’s a list of the best examples of social media marketing in India OR social advertising examples in India for the year 2017

1. V – Bajaj

Leo Burnett created the campaign for the Bajaj bike with an intriguing title “The Nation’s Bike”. The bike was made from the parts of the honorable and retired naval ship INS Vikrant. The Nation’s bike piqued interests of the Indian citizens which furthermore became one of best social media campaigns of India in 2017.

2. Odds by Adidas

Taproot India highlighting the social cause created a campaign in india for Odds, a product of Adidas. The campaign illustrated the story of Major DP Singh, India’s first blade-runner and a war hero who has run over 18 marathons and continues to do so. Adidas promoted their special edition item tactfully using the means of social awareness.

3. Samsonite’s Push The Limit campaign

Samsonite started off on a high note for their new product line by a social media campaign, demonstrating the sturdiness of the product in the year 2017 using a series of videos.

They roped in famous influencers like Kunal Khemu, Malaika Arora, Neha Dhupia, Kenny Sabastian who took on the challenge and passed on to their friends. This social media campaign helped the company to increase the engagement and views which led to successful conversions all over India.

4. Snickers’ Hunger Bars campaign

Snickers’ chocolate bars created a mind boggling campaign by portraying different hunger symptoms in 19 different languages on the brands packaging.

They made series of videos titled “Who are you when you are hungry?”
Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director – Mars Wrigley Confectionery, India explained the idea behind the campaign
“The content has been made in such a way, that it perfectly resonates with the TG, the use of colloquial language and interacting with the audience in the signature Snickers brand of humour, so that it becomes super-acceptable.
This campaign saw a great deal of engagement by viewers on the videos posted on the social media.


Stronger Together showcases an army of pugs running behind a boy through different locations, signifying the strong 4G network. It also highlights that Vodafone has been adding a tower every hour to improve connectivity.

The pug is an example of how a simple idea can be executed well and can gain huge popularity among the customers.


In the end it all comes down to how you are going to place your product in the digital medium. You need is to understand the impact of social media campaign for your business to achieve defined business goals & work accordingly so that it can help you to drive traffic to your website. As many social media campaigns in India come and go but connecting the right dots is a task to aim for.

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1. What is social advertising in India?

Social advertising in India utilizes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to promote social causes, raise awareness, or influence behavior change. It goes beyond traditional advertising by leveraging social interaction, community engagement, and influencer marketing.

2. What is social advertising give a few examples?

Examples of social advertising in India:

  • “Swiggy’s Voice of Hunger”: This campaign used user-generated content from delivery partners to highlight the challenges they face and the importance of empathy. It fostered connection between customers and delivery personnel.
  • “Spotify India’s There’s a Playlist for That”: This campaign celebrated India’s diverse music scene by creating hyper-local playlists based on specific regions and moods. It resonated with audiences and strengthened brand identity.

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