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Google Search On 2021: High-Quality Information and Security

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: October 12, 2021

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There’s nothing called as ‘too much information’, not at least in this Google search-dominated era. In its latest event Search On’21, dedicated to innovations in Google Search, Google unveiled its magnum-opus, the Google MUM feature.

Google MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model. It’s an algorithm that can search the internet in a variety of languages, using text, photos, and other multimedia to assist users in finding answers to specific questions.

To elaborate further, MUM offers solutions that include more than simply text, such as images, videos, and podcasts. MUM is one of the first AI models to address complicated multimodal queries posed by users since it can simultaneously grasp information across a wide range of media – text, image, and video.

From offering an easy shopping experience to making learning a smooth process, Google MUM will simplify our day-to-day lives.

The world is, however, in dire need of information from reliable sources, and Google knows this. In a world crippled with hoaxes and fake news, the Google MUM feature will focus on ‘High-quality information and Security’. Billions of people rely on Google to shop, explore and learn and MUM will focus is on enabling users to find information that’s reliable yet safe.

The ‘Is It true’ Search Trend

For years ‘is it true’ questions have been trending the Google search. In 2020, a sudden spike was observed in the ‘Is it true’ search query. The key elements of amplifying the Google search feature are:

  • The source of the information

  • Comparative search results

  • How to find trustworthy information

How badly have you wanted to visit that random country that had an “alien spaceship” land on it! In simple words, you find an interesting fact about a certain location and cannot wait to visit the place. You Google it and find a sea of information regarding that topic, but would you visit that place based on mere Google search results? 

The latest update stresses the importance of the sources of information.

Google MUM now allows you to actually verify the source of the information, check other competitive results before you actually visit the page. 

Relevant and Credible information

Google has carved its name for delivering high-quality results that contribute to bettering our routines. But one cannot unsee the immense misinformation being provided on the internet. To overcome this, Google Search has been introducing advanced AI features. 

Google’s BERT was considered the finest advancement which served search results without the language barrier. Taking  it up a notch, Google MUM has been created with the intention and commitment to deliver the most reliable, fresh and helpful information. 

The ranking system of the Google MUM feature is such that it prioritizes the highest quality content. When it comes to crucial and critical searches such as health-related queries, Google elevates searches authored by the field experts and local authorities to ensure that trustworthy information has been delivered to the user. 

Wave Goodbye to ‘Quick Facts’

It’s not just phones that are getting smarter! Google is observing the end of the ‘Quick Facts’ kind of searchers. It is now time to dig deep and learn the truth. Users want to get to the source of the information and get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Keeping this in mind, Google is heavily investing in ‘Information Literacy Features’ 

Here are some of the tools that allow the users to verify the authenticity of the information: 

‘About This Result’ 

The feature makes it easier to search for the result’s source right on the results page. All you have to do is simply tap on the three dots on the search result and you will find valuable context before you actually click on the website. The information in the ‘about this result’ includes 

  • description of the webpage 

  • Verifies if the connection to that website is secure.

This feature was clearly a success as more than 400 million users have been impacted by this and the number has been increasing ever since. 

A Step Ahead

With the Google MUM feature, users will now be able to view deeper insights about the results. The insights will offer more information like what the site says about itself, (an overview by the author of the webpage), what others have to say about that webpage (testimonial), a relevant link to top news coverage about that particular topic along with the similar/related web results about the topic. 

 Admit it, you love Google a little more, don’t you? But hold on- when its Google, it is obviously grand! Along with the above-mentioned enhancements in the search, Google will also let the user know about the ‘missing factor’. Google will highlight the information that is missing from the webpage.   

Watch out for Google MUM! 

‘If things roll, you got to roll with’em’ seems to be the motto of Google search as Google MUM’s features have been smartly aligned with the current needs of our digital world. It delivers high-quality information with the security of Google. 

If you are an ardent Google user, watch out for the Google MUM feature that will simplify your daily life – and perhaps make it better! 

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