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Announcing Custom Chat GPT: Now Tailor Chat GPT to Your Needs

Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: November 21, 2023


This is the announcement of Custom Chat GPT, a new development allowing users to tailor Chat GPT to their specific needs without extensive coding knowledge. It simplifies creating GPTs for various uses, including internal company needs, personal use, or public exposure, with applications ranging from web searching to data analysis. This initiative aims to foster community creativity, with a forthcoming GPT Store to feature and monetize popular GPTs, ensuring privacy and security in its use.

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It’s the universe of Chat GPT and we are just living in it. There’s a brand new development in this universe that will redefine the way we work – Custom GPT. Now, it’s easy to create your own GPT and it doesn’t require you to be an expert coder. 

The procedure is easy to follow, regardless of whether it’s for internal company requirements, personal usage, or public exposure. Simply strike up a discussion, give directions and additional information, and specify what you want it to accomplish—web searching, image generation, data analysis, etc. 

How does Chat GPT work for you?

You can tailor ChatGPT to a particular use

GPTs give ChatGPT more personalization options so you may design it for a particular use. Ever since ChatGPT launched, users have indicated that they would like to personalize their ChatGPT experience to better meet their unique requirements. 

Recognizing the commitment of super users who painstakingly selected prompts and instructions and manually entered them into ChatGPT, they created GPTs to streamline the procedure. GPTs take care of all of that for you now.

The community will come up with the best GPTs

The most amazing GPTs will come from the community’s inventiveness and inventiveness. It doesn’t take coding knowledge to make and distribute your own GPT, whether you’re a coach, educator, or just someone who loves making practical tools. With a diverse community of builders at their disposal, amazing GPTs could be possible. The community will come up with the best GPTs.

The GPT Store will launch soon

You are now free to make your own GPTs and distribute them to other people. Soon, the GPT Store will feature works by certified builders. GPTs can even go up on the leaderboards and become readily searchable after they are added to the store.

Not only that but get ready to steal the show! They will be showcasing the most entertaining and helpful GPTs in a number of categories, including productivity, learning, and “Just for fun.” This is a game-changer: in the upcoming months, you will have the chance to get paid according to how well-liked your GPT is. It’s an excellent approach to benefiting the community and demonstrating your creativity and knowledge.

Make your Chat GPT Public

 You can keep your custom GPTs private for your own use and share them publicly. A public version allows a wider audience to access and interact with the AI, which can be particularly beneficial for educational, informational, or entertainment purposes. 

At upGrowth, we created custom Chat GPTs for various businesses

The Strategy Navigator, a custom GPT has been developed by the industry expert Amol Ghemud with the primary goal of assisting founders of D2C businesses in creating well-structured annual goals. 

Check out Strategy Navigator for your business

Another Custom Chat GPT is exclusively designed for the food tech sector. Consider this as a tool that will assist you in building and executing effective personalized social media strategies for your food business. 

Check out the Food Tech Strategist here

 The GPTs are created considering security and privacy

Regarding our cutting-edge GPTs, your privacy and security are paramount in the ChatGPT universe. You may use ChatGPT with complete confidence, knowing that all of your data is under your control—your private discussions with GPTs are not disclosed to anyone. You are responsible for determining whether data can be transferred to a third-party API if a GPT integrates them.

Builders can decide whether user chats with their GPTs help train and enhance our models when they add particular actions or information to them. Your ability to opt your entire account out of model training is one of the privacy measures currently available, and these alternatives enhance it.

ChatGPT has put additional procedures in place to check GPTs against our usage standards to increase your safety further. To stop the spreading of damaging GPTs—whether they involve hate speech, adult themes, or fraudulent activity—these technologies operate in concert with the current security measures. 

Builders can now offer an additional layer of confidence by authenticating themselves, which helps to foster trust. Our reporting option on the GPT sharing page lets you quickly alert the ChatGPT staff if you ever have issues with a particular GPT. As ChatGPT and GPTs develop, your safety, control, and privacy will always come first.

GPTs can be integrated into the actual world by developers

Now that developers may easily link GPTs to the outside world, a whole new range of options is available to them. It is possible to create custom actions by exposing one or more APIs to the GPT, in addition to using our built-in features. View these activities as dynamic add-ons that enable GPTs to interact with the outside world in novel ways and incorporate external data.

Imagine putting GPTs into emails, linking them to databases, or even having them serve as your personal shopper. The possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to sync with a user’s email inbox, integrate a travel listings database, or easily manage e-commerce orders.

These actions’ adaptability and versatility are what makes them so beautiful. Taking cues from our plugin beta, actions are designed to give developers more control over the model and how their APIs are orchestrated. The smooth integration of your current plugin manifest to specify actions for your GPT makes moving from the plugin beta easy.

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