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Can Perplexity be Your Accurate SEO Assistant? Here’s An Overview

Contributors: Rohit Khot Sai Keerthi Bushra Aftab Sneha Pradeep Shubham Yeshi
Published: January 13, 2023


Let’s compare and analyse Perplexity AI and ChatGPT for SEO tasks, highlighting that ChatGPT generally provides more detailed, actionable outputs across various SEO activities, such as generating meta descriptions, creating sitemaps, and writing content briefs. Perplexity AI, while useful for certain tasks, tends to offer less precise guidance and outputs compared to ChatGPT.

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Perplexity AI uses OpenAI to provide immediate answers to any queries you enter. SEO experts have daily content needs like meta descriptions, meta titles, generating blog titles, and so on. Perplexity AI can act as a content assistant that can help SEO professionals with these mundane yet significant tasks. 

Perplexity has its fair share of ups and downs, like any other AI. Read on to learn more about the new-age chatbot.

Here’s how Perplexity can be your personal writing assistant

  1. Crafting an Email for Guest posting

When we seek help to generate an Email for Guest Posting, the Perplexity AI software only gives a brief on instructions and how to write the email.

 In the case of ChatGPT, it provides a clear and well-defined email with a clear example.

  1. Generating Schemas 

When asked about generating a schema, the Perplexity AI only provides brief guidance on how a schema can be created. 

Whereas, ChatGPT gives the specific schema code required by the SEO professional. 

  1. Crafting Meta Descriptions

When queried about providing meta descriptions for a given title, Perplexity AI has been found to provide inaccurate answers. 

On the other hand, when the same query is asked in ChatGPT, it crafts multiple meta descriptions allowing a user to choose the most suitable one.

  1. Providing Guidance for Site Audits

Perplexity AI’s advice on creating an SEO report or when seeking guidance on what to include in an SEO report, Perplexity AI only provides minimal information, limited to a few lines.

 Whereas in ChatGPT,  it gives a comprehensive and detailed answer, presented in an organized bullet-point format, which makes it easy for the user to understand.

  1. Developing Site Maps

When Perplexity AI is asked to create a sitemap for a given set of URLs, it provides instruction on how to create or where it can be created but does not generate one.  

On the other hand, ChatGPT directly gives you the XML sitemap code.

  1. Evaluating the Sentiment of Content

The Perplexity AI platform is not specifically trained or designed for sentiment analysis. Therefore, it provides a less accurate answer when asked to analyze the sentiment of a given statement. 

  1. Creating hreflang Tags for International SEO

As discussed earlier, Perplexity AI is not designed or trained to generate code tasks. In this case, it will provide suggestions or instructions on how to generate one. 

Comparatively, ChatGPT is a large language model that has been trained for such tasks.

  1. Suggestions for blog ideas for a topic

When Perplexity is asked for suggestions for a topic, it focuses on providing instructions and guidance on finding blog ideas for a topic.

 ChatGPT, on the other hand, can generate specific and relevant topic ideas directly.

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  1. Finding Long-Tail Keywords

When using Preplexity AI for finding long-tail keywords, It is noticed that the accuracy of the result is not that high, and the information is limited.

But on the other hand, when ChatGPT is utilized for the same task, a comprehensive set of relevant long-tail keywords is provided.

  1. Generating robots.txt file

In Preplexity AI, when prompted to generate a Robots.txt file, it provides information about the purpose and creation of a robots.txt file instead of generating one. 

On the other hand, when the same query is prompted on ChatGPT, it gives generates the specific robots.txt file based on the request.

  1.  Identifying Relevant Sites for Building Backlinks

Perplexity helps to identify websites within your niche that are suitable for building backlinks to your own site, improving your website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

  1. Quickly Summarizes Content

Perplexity AI efficiently generates short summaries increasing the ability to understand and retain large amounts of information.

  1. Easily Rephrase Text

Perplexity AI efficiently rephrases text which helps us to avoid plagiarism in content and to effectively communicate our ideas.

  1. Generating Content Brief for a Keyword

When Perplexity AI is asked to create a content brief around a topic, it only provides guidance on the structure and elements to be included in a content brief. 

  While ChatGPT generates a specific content brief template based on the provided       keyword or topic.

  1. Classifying related keywords together

When Perplexity is tasked with classifying related keywords together, it tends to give irrelevant results. 

Whereas ChatGPT gives the desired result by classifying related keywords together.

  1. Generating a journo response for HARO

Perplexity AI does not have a relevant result when asked for a journo response for HARO on a given topic. 

On the other ChatpGPT can be used to find a relevant result for the same query.

  1. Highlighting Important Keywords

Perplexity AI is not trained to emphasize the important keywords. 

Whereas in ChatGPT, this query will have an answer. 

  1.   Discover Character boundaries

Using Perplexity, it is possible to find information regarding character limitations of different contents or platforms.


Perplexity AI is a new-age solution for the content requirements of SEO professionals. It can be useful when it comes to writing summaries, rephrasing any piece of content, and other SEO requirements. Like any other thing, Perplexity has a few drawbacks. It does not provide snippets, code, XML site map, and a few other SEO elements. 

But if you are looking for an expert assistant you can check out other AI Chatbots such as ChatGPT and Writesonic


1. What tool to write SEO content?

Summary of the top content creation tools for SEO

The best tool for creating content briefs and finding chances in your existing material is Fraser. Grammarly is the best for checking for plagiarism and grammar. The best tool for on-page SEO optimization is Page Optimizer Pro. The best AI content writing assistance is

2. What is the most important tool in SEO?

Top SEO instruments for 2023

  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Levels range from beginner to advanced.
  • the Clear scope. The level is all levels.
  • the SEMrush. Levels range from intermediate to advanced.
  • Ahrefs. The advanced level.
  • Moz. Beginner through intermediate level.
  • Surfer SEO. The level is all levels.
  • SE Position. All levels, according to WooRank.

3. Why are SEO tools used?

You can find keywords with SEO tools you might have yet to consider. They will provide associated keywords and variants that can be used in various kinds of content. The analysis of competitors is one method for discovering these.

4. How do I check my SEO content?

Six tools to check website SEO quickly

  • Examine the site’s loading speed. The significance of this parameter is frequently undervalued by website – Owners, who may even need to be made aware of it.
  • Monitor keyword positions for specific keyword phrases.
  • Verify the website’s mobile-friendliness.
  • Verify the technical organization.
  • Verify the content’s relevance.
  • Verify all internal linkages.

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