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Contributors: Amol Ghemud
Published: May 31, 2019

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Every year in May, Google concludes a Digital Marketing Live Event that features key announcements of updates related to Google Ads. This year also Google has brought major updates to its platform.

Update 1: Gallery Ads

Gallery ads are part of search ads that appear on the top of the mobile SERP. With a standard text headline and a display URL, they feature swipeable image carousels like the ones users often see in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Gallery Ads

Image: Gallery Ad

In addition to the ad’s headline, a tagline is associated with each individual image. The headline appears at the top of the screen as the user swipes through carousel. You can add minimum 4 images and maximum 8.

The tagline limit is upto 70 characters. You can write up to three unique headlines & can test all kinds of combinations and CTAs.

Update 2: Bumper machine

Bumper Machine, aims to build on the six-second bumper ad format that YouTube first unveiled in 2016, which are unskippable and predominantly target mobile viewers.

Bumper Machine harnesses machine learning technology to auto-generate six-second spots from longer video assets, saving marketers time and money.

Update 3: The new Google Shopping

This year Google launched a redesigned Google Shopping experience with new ways for shoppers to discover and compare millions of products from thousands of stores. Buyers can choose to purchase online now directly on Google with the inclusion of ‘Shopping’ tab.

For retailers and brands, it brings together ads, local and transactions in one place to help them connect with consumers across their shopping journey.

Shoppers will have a personalized homepage on the Shopping tab where they can filter based on features they care about and brands they love, read reviews and even watch videos about the products. For example, if they’re looking for headphones, they can filter for wireless and the brand they’re looking for.

Google Shopping Ad

Image: Google Shopping Ad

Update 4: Discovery Ads

Google also introduced a new Discovery ads. Rolling out to all advertisers globally later this year, Discovery ads are a new way to reach people across Google properties in the moments when they’re open to discovering your products and services.

Discovery Ads

Image: Discovery Ads

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Marketers! Stay ahead in the game of digital marketing.

Google Marketing Live 2019 shows that Google is trying to advance. How competitive it will be with Facebook, Amazon, and others for brand marketing.

For all marketers, it is important to walk toe to toe with Google’s update to take edge over competitors.

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