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February’s All Hands is All About New Changes, Opportunities, and Learnings!

Contributors: Manjusha Karkera
Published: March 2, 2023

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Conducting a monthly team meeting is a ritual that upGrowth makes sure to follow. During these meetings, we discuss individual and group accomplishments, celebrate victories, foster collective consciousness, share personal stories, uphold organismal values, and create a welcoming environment for new employees because we are a 100% virtual (WFH) organization. This month has been fantastic for us at upGrowth, and we’ve made great strides. In this blog, we’ll go into more detail about what we’ve accomplished.

The February wings come first

1. NPS net promoters score

In the context of this initiative, we are asking our clients about their sentiments and scores in order to track how they are feeling throughout our weekly check-in calls using Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is a basic metric used by businesses to gauge, assess, and enhance client loyalty. NPS differs from other metrics like customer effort score or customer satisfaction score in that it gauges a customer’s overall opinion of a brand rather than just how they felt during a specific encounter or purchase. Reputation Score is a great option to go a step further and discover practical insights to enhance customer experience based on general sentiment.

2. Growth Experiment: Schema code, decision-making trees, emojis, and more

  • Schema code

It’s critical to always keep up with the most recent advancements if you work in the always-changing field of digital marketing. Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and other marketing experts may stay on top of their game with the help of the digital marketing tools provided by upGrowth.

The digital marketing tools listed below can be found on our website:

  1. FAQ Schema Generator
  2. Organization Schema Generator
  3. Article Schema Generator
  4. Job Posting Schema Generator
  5. How to Schema Generator
  6. Local Business Schema Generator
  7. Person Schema Generator
  8. Product Schema Generator
  9. Breadcrumb Schema Generator
  10. Recipe Schema Generator
  11. Open Graph Generator

You can now add any tools that are related to schemas here, as we changed our website to go beyond a schema. Hence, a user can generate several types of schema code or snippets. We have so far published seven schema tools on our website.

  • upGrowth Industry

We have various digital marketing growth techniques mentioned on our website in the upGrowth industry section that’ll help you grow your business faster using the digital marketing growth hacks! You can also download free e-books, checklists, and cheat sheets to scale up your business.

  • upGrowth’s festive logos

You may find ingenious displays of all the upgrowth’s festive logos in this particular section. Some of them include the Diwali logo, Christmas logo, republic day logo and so on.

  • Decision-making trees

On our website, we also include different decision-making trees to help visitors narrow down their alternatives and come to a decision.

A business’s visibility, sales, client acquisition, and other critical factors can all be affected by essential decisions made about its digital marketing strategy at any time in the company’s lifecycle. An entrepreneur or marketer may run into a number of marketing snags, such as “should I aim to target newer audiences or not?” “which is the ideal platform to run paid advertisements for businesses, Facebook or Instagram?” and “how do I know whether my content is appropriate for the audience?

UpGrowth has planted trees—marketing decision trees—to speed up this process!

Marketing Decision Tree was created for the world of digital marketing by the specialists at upGrowth. You can use these trees to locate marketing-related information and to save time and money.

  • upGrowth Emojis

We communicate with a significant number of clients every day via a variety of platforms. Emails and WhatsApp both use the standard type of emoji. So we have created a brand-new, unique variant called the upGrowth emoji. It was constructed with the sole intention of acting as a client connection touchpoint for branding, as there are several of them.

Our team member Sahil Khare speaks for the offline activities for deAsra

deAsra collaborates with several organizations and offers programmes for all types of business owners. One such event took place at Pundit Farms in Karvanagar. Sahil was asked to talk in the social media marketing session. Almost 500 people were in attendance, and several business owners led courses on social media marketing. Somi from our team also led a workshop on Instagram marketing. Our team members learned a lot from experience.

A peek into the team

You’ve heard of upGrowth’s work, including its experiments, expansion, clientele, and so on. So, what motivates all of these group efforts? The brains behind these effective tactics are introduced to you in Growth Drivers of upGrowth.

We interview every team member from every department, and we publish the interviews on a number of websites, such as YouTube and Spotify. In the month of February, we completed three outstanding interviews, and we have more set for the days ahead.


Ep. 1 of Growth Drivers of upGrowth and watch Avani spill some powerful Social Media Marketing secrets.

Ep 2 – A ‘Chat’ about the New Bot in Town – Decode ChatGPT with Adarsh

Ep 3 – #BTS of Paid Social with Somi Khemani

Retreat planning

Despite the fact that Team upGrowth employees work from home, they have managed to keep a wonderful workplace environment. To keep this attitude alive, the upGrowth team occasionally plans retreats. We set aside a day or two for team meetings and outings. The activities include having lunch together, going on hikes, visiting a resort, and having a great time.


We can create a cohesive team and be sure that everyone is working towards the same objective when we unify the team around a common objective. In order to achieve our aim of doing more than just making money, upGrowth promotes a dynamic workplace culture. Every one of the people that work with us has special talents and a distinct personality that is geared towards a certain objective that defines success.

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Manjusha Karkera is an enthusiastic content marketer who has created numerous engaging and compelling writing pieces for various clients and companies over the years. She enjoys writing pithy content and copy on various sectors like fashion, beauty and wellness, sports, fitness, education, etc. Prior to Team upGrowth, she worked as a Marketing Communications Specialist. Her overall experience includes all forms of content writing and copywriting.

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