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How to Schema Generator

‘How-to Schema’ aims to provide step-by-step instructions for instruction-based queries directly in the SERPs. Adding ‘How-to’ markup to a particular page helps Google understand that the content on the website is a ‘How-to’. Having an appropriate ‘How-to’ Schema Markup also makes the site’s content eligible for rich results. One can make use of a ‘How-to’ Schema Generator to generate a basic schema when the schema is unknown.

There are mainly two ‘How-to’ snippets that one might find:

  • First is a standard accordion list of instructions
  • Second is a carousel of images showing each step.
Why is it essential to create a ‘How-to schema’?
  • Marking up the website’s content with ‘How-to Structured Data’ will make that content eligible for Google search enhancements.
  • If you ever see an opportunity of adding ‘How-to’ content on your website, go for it. Structured data incredibly enhances the existing content. This helps SEO experts, too, as they can then use the rich results to inform their content strategy.
  • Creating a ‘How-to schema’ helps the website stand out in the search results.
  • ‘How-to’ Schema Generator and ‘How-to’ Schema Code provides detailed information to search engines so that they understand the content in a better manner.


What is How To Schema?

How-to Schema Markup explains to search engines what a particular content is about and what information one would like to be displayed in the search results. Adding a ‘How-to’ Schema Markup on a page that has a Schema Markup makes a page look more informative, attractive, and engaging. And Schema improves the way a page is displayed in the SERPs by enhancing the rich snippets.

Where should I use this How To Schema?

Page should content Process, steps like content on the page then we should use How to Step Schema. You should add schema code on any page of the header section. One should make sure to only markup the content that is visible on web pages. Marking up content with ‘How to’ Structured Data will turn the content being more eligible for Google search enhancements.

Can I use multiple types of Schema with How To Schema on the same page?

Yes, you surely can use multiple types of Schema with How To schema on the same page.

How to create a 'How-to Schema' markup?

One needs to follow the below-mentioned fundamental mental steps to create a ‘How-to Schema’ Markup:

  • Firstly, you need to add the required properties for the ‘How-to Schema’ Markup
  • Next is reviewing How-to Schema Markup in order to ensure that it follows Google’s Structured Data guidelines.
  • Then, you can deploy your How-to Schema Markup on the relevant pages.
  • Lastly, validate your page to ensure whether the Schema Markup is working.
How do I test my How To Schema to ensure it works correctly?

Using Rich Snippet Testing Tool is one way to ensure that the marker is on the page and is working correctly.

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