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Breadcrumb Schema Generator

Breadcrumbs on a website are the tiny text path often found at the top of the page. A tool that can help webmasters make the breadcrumb schema markup more practical is the ‘Breadcrumb Schema Generator’. Breadcrumbs help users know where they are on a particular page. A type of list where the items listed are the pages in a specific website’s hierarchy is called breadcrumb schema. A breadcrumb trail can indicate the page’s position in the site hierarchy. It helps the users explore and understand the site more efficiently. A user can easily navigate the site hierarchy starting from the very last breadcrumb in the breadcrumb trail (one level at a time).

What is the importance of the Breadcrumb Schema?
  • With SEO, there comes a lot to take in, like links, keywords and in-depth content. One such factor that can create a significant impact on SEO and user experience is ‘Breadcrumbs’.
  • Breadcrumbs make it relatively easy for users to navigate and browse various website sections. They indicate where users are and where they’ve been on a specific site. Breadcrumbs make it handy for users to find what they’re looking for and know the website deeply. Every step of the site path is clickable and links back to the previous pages.
  • In SERPs, breadcrumbs help users understand where a particular page is on the site. Breadcrumbs are pretty helpful for eCommerce sites, as through them, users can easily know and see the path they took to find a particular product and can backstep to where they are willing to go.
Benefits of Breadcrumb Schema

One of the most known and significant benefits of breadcrumb schema is that it improves the click-through rate from search. It makes the result more attractive to users and helps Google understand how the website is structured.


Breadcrumb schema also helps lower bounce rates and enhance the overall user experience.


Google loves breadcrumb schema as it helps Google figure out how the website is structured, so it can use the breadcrumb schema in actual search results.

Breadcrumb Schema – Key Takeaway

Breadcrumbs are the most effective as they provide a straightforward way for visitors to navigate the site and understand how the site structure actually works. Breadcrumb schema markup is used by Google in the body of a webpage in order to categorize all the information from the page in search results. This is one of the reasons why Google loves breadcrumbs too.


How can I add breadcrumbs to my WordPress?
  1. Generate the breadcrumb schema code for any page on your website.
  2. Install the Structure Data Markup Plugin in WordPress.
  3. Copy the complete code from the upGrowth Article Schema Generator Tool and paste it to that page backend in the custom field of Structure Data Markup Plugin
How does Breadcrumb Schema differ from other types of structured data markup?

Structured data helps to send the right signals to search engines about businesses and content. Breadcrumb structured data introduced by Google uses the markup in the body of the web page in order to showcase the breadcrumbs within the search results.

Can I use Breadcrumb Schema on a single-page website?

If your website’s URLs convey sufficient information already, then you may not be in need of a breadcrumb schema to improve the search result listings.

Does Breadcrumb Schema have any impact on SEO?

Breadcrumb Schema helps Google understand the site’s structure in a better and more defined manner by defining a hierarchy between specific pages. However, if they appear in the search results, they also add colossal potential to drive additional clicks, irrespective of the hierarchy level.

How do I know if search engines are recognizing my Breadcrumb Schema?

Breadcrumb Schema does not stop with deployment. After defining entities in your website content through structured data, these entities can be linked to a search engine’s knowledge graph. Knowledge graph helps connect information from all over the web, and structured data helps search engines contextualize certain content so that they can better match a site with search queries.

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