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Local Business Schema Generator

A local business schema is a structured data markup code. It is added to a business’ website for search engines to identify the type of business and the products/services offered. Local business schema markup examples may include a wide range of information such as the owner’s credentials, type of business, company logo, contact information, active hours, customer reviews, vendor contact details, and any other information that the owner considers to showcase.


Local business schema is a very effective way to optimize a website for local SEO. Search engines created Schema markup to better understand and display data using common groups of tags.

Why is Local Business Schema essential for SEO?
  • Local business schema is said to be one of the best tools to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results.
  • Integrating local business schema markup ensures bringing the most genuine and high-quality traffic to a particular website.
  • Local business schema markup enables businesses to sell products directly from the search engine result page (SERP).

Final Takeaway on Local Business Schema

Applying properly formatted and relevant structured data to your local business website is a blessing to every business. Structured data markup is a somewhat complicated SEO technique that can help organic listings stand out in the search results. Once the local SEO practices are in place, you are left to track your progress and create local SEO reports.


What is the local business schema?

A local business schema is said to be a well-structured markup code that can be added to websites to help search engines recognize it.

What is local business markup?

Local business schema markup can be said to be a more specific type of schema markup within the vocabulary. It inherits the properties of both organization and place.

Can I use Local Business Schema on a "Contact Us" page or a page with multiple locations?

Yes, one can easily create a single local business schema with information on all the locations (irrespective of the number) and add it to the homepage. Later, you can create a simple local business markup for each location and add it to the location pages separately.

How do I specify the location of a business in the schema?

To specify the location of a business in the schema, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to locations.
  • Add New from your WordPress dashboard
  • Next, add location details in the WordPress content editor
  • Lastly, add a title for your business location, which can be the location’s name
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