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We help healthcare companies, pharma brands, hospitals and medical practitioners drive sales and reach a wider audience with data-driven growth marketing techniques.

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How We Help Your Healthcare Business Generate More Leads?

  • Extensive sector and market research
  • Data-based paid marketing strategies
  • SEO-compliant creative content
  • Expert-devised Social Media Marketing
  • Growth-hacking by Industry- experts
  • Execution of White-hat SEO techniques

What makes upGrowth Different?

As an established healthcare digital marketing agency, we go beyond traditional marketing: we use cutting-edge strategies to grow healthcare websites online. We are a team of experienced marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, data analysts & growth experts that have partnered 10+ years together to successfully grow healthcare firms. We’ll help you craft a message that resonates with your audience and build a memorable and long-lasting brand that leaves a mark in the healthcare industry.

  • 01SEO

    UpGrowth is an expert healthcare digital marketing agency that has carved its niche in this sector. Our SEO services have helped healthcare brands improve their ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Our SEO experts improve organic traffic to your website with the seamless execution of strategies.

  • 02Content Marketing

    As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we focus on devising content that is specific to your sector. We have a dedicated team of copywriters that curate SEO compliant content which also has the power to appeal to the consumers. From social media marketing to powerful emails, our content team delivers content that is specific to your sector.

  • 03Social Media Marketing

    We understand that social media marketing is an integral part of building a strong brand image. Our social media marketers choose the right platform that suits your business marketing objectives.

  • 04Branding

    We build a brand of your business through steady and consistent digital marketing practices.

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Healthcare Industry Challenges

Changing Consumer Behaviour

The healthcare industry has had to constantly innovate and come up with new ways to care for patients. There have been significant changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour when it comes to accessing healthcare services.

Changing Consumer Expectations

The healthcare industry is constantly going through changes. Thus, consumer expectations are evolving as well. A healthcare digital marketing agency needs to be abreast with the changing consumer expectation.

The rising role of Tech Integrations

The healthcare industry is walking parallel with technological advancements. The immense growth in tech-enabled healthcare services has made it difficult for entrepreneurs in this sector to cope with the tech growth. As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we integrate all these factors while devising a strategy.

Lack of Consumer data

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Why choose us as your Healthcare Marketing Agency?

Thorough Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry

We have helped healthcare brands create a strong presence in the market and have helped them reach their consumers with our services.

Helps You Build Trust and Credibility

When it comes to healthcare, trust and credibility are 2 important factors that can break or make your business. People trust the word of mouth and good experiences before consulting. We build your brand’s reputation with our marketing strategies.

Deliver a Return on Your Investment

We have a data-based plan that our team seamlessly executes to deliver the best results of your investment. Our experts ensure that our marketing campaigns give the best results.

Why Digital Marketing Required?

Why do medical organizations need marketing?
The healthcare industry has been growing rapidly for a decade, thus the competition is fierce. Even though you are well-equipped or experienced, your business needs a strong and dedicated marketing team that will help you reach your audience. With digital marketing, your business will grow beyond geographical boundaries and broaden your clientele.
Marketing also ensures increased visibility of your business. With upGrowth’s SEO techniques, social media marketing and paid marketing strategies, you are sure to achieve your business ambition.

Why do doctors need social media marketing?
The primary reason to get a dedicated social media marketing team is to beat the competition. A healthcare digital marketing agency helps doctors boost their online visibility across social media channels and even search results with personalised social media marketing. Doctors can use social media marketing and advertising to recruit new patients, engage existing ones, and establish a trusted reputation for providing high-quality care.

What kind of results can I expect from a medical marketing agency?
As a trusted healthcare digital marketing agency, you can expect overall business growth. With upGrowth’s best healthcare marketing services, you will be attracting healthcare consumers, guiding them through their healthcare experience, and keeping them engaged with the system. Digital marketing also allows you to develop your business into a trustworthy brand that in turn will boost your loyal consumer base.

Our Recent Case Studies

We often come across unique situations with our clients requiring solutions customized to their line of business. Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that indicate the challenges posed before us and the practicable solutions we came up with.

Case Study



Why do Healthcare organizations need Digital Marketing services?

Hospitals can benefit from digital marketing since it makes things more convenient and accessible for patients. Having a website and a social media presence allows people to have quicker access to healthcare providers and saves them the research efforts.

How does upGrowth - a healthcare digital marketing agency helps your business?

upGrowth curates unique and personalized marketing strategies after thorough research of your industry and business. UpGrowth’s marketing experts provide the best SEO and paid marketing services that help you boost your business performance.

What kind of results can I expect from a healthcare digital marketing agency?

A healthcare digital marketing agency will improve the organic website traffic of your healthcare website. Digital marketing also improves the conversion rate. Thus, bringing in more clients, appointments, etc.

Which healthcare marketing strategies are best for my healthcare business?

You can include video marketing, i.e short byte of healthcare videos to promote on your social channels. Writing blogs will also help you connect with interested customers. Paid search campaigning is also a great marketing strategy that helps you target the right audience.

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