Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)

Interest Signals

Interest Signals are clues you leave behind as you navigate the web, and Google uses them to understand your interests. Imagine browsing a website about hiking gear one day, and then seeing articles about breathtaking trails in your Discover feed the next – that’s Interest Signals in action. By analyzing your search history, the websites you visit, and even the videos you watch on YouTube, Google builds a profile of your interests, allowing Discover to curate content relevant to you.

The good news is that Interest Signals are entirely under your control! You can choose to manage your activity data on Google products, letting you refine the information Discover uses to personalize your feed. So, if you’re interested in exploring new topics, feel free to delve into different websites and searches. Conversely, if you want to see less content about a particular subject, you can always adjust your activity settings. With a little control over your Interest Signals, you can shape your Discover experience to be an exciting journey of discovery!

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