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ChatGPT, the brand new AI in Digital Marketing Town

Sahil Khare | Published: February 15, 2023
Host: Sahil Khare | Guest: Adarsh Gangwal
ChatGPT, the brand new AI in Digital Marketing Town


Sahil: Hello everyone, welcome to another video of our series growth drivers of upGrowth. I’m Sahil Khare, I am a growth marketer and project manager at upGrowth we have with us Adarsh today and Adarsh is also an account manager and growth market at upGrowth and today we are going to talk about this very hot trending topic in our industry called ChatGPT.

Iske bare m hum Puri jankari lene wale hai Adarsh say so Adarsh will straight away get into the topic. Tell us what ChatGPT is all about a Ye itna trending kyun hai? How does it work? Can you just tell us

Adarsh: thank you so much Sahil for having me here. And yes, ChatGPT an interesting topic to cover today. So to answer your question, ChatGPT is basically an AI platform which is specialized into conversational AI. It uses the technology of GPT three aap isko aise maan lijiye ki Conversational AI ka levels Usme GPT3 is a is the newest level that we that the humanity is working on as of now.

And conversational AI pehle bhi that it has improved and ChatGPT has given the power to access the power of access to everyone to ChatGPT three technology just to give you a brief ChatGPT can generate content or answers like a human it’s very interesting to sound for example, if I asked you ChatGPT, ChatGPT Can you please tell me how is your day? So, the answer which we will receive is something which a human can give.

So it can act, it can act as a master it can act as a student, it can act as a guide, it can act as a content writer as a as a digital creator as anything like you who want to talk to for example, if you ask ChatGPT, ChatGPT please act as a digital marketer and tell me what and how to create a measurement plan.

We as marketers, we create measurement plan to track the complete site. And this is something that we know when asked this prompt, ChatGPT told me what is a measurement plan then asked me Adarsh can you please give me some inputs so that I can create your measurement plan? 

Sahil: Oh, interesting. 

Adarsh: Interesting, right. So I gave some inputs. And then they came back to me with what are the pointers should I focus on while creating my measurement point? Measurement plans? That was an interesting thing, which I learned and yes, I hope I’ve cleared what ChatGPT is interesting things that

Sahil: Yeah, absolutely. So by the way, honestly speaking is interviewer is discussions k pehle, I had just I was on ChatGPT. And I actually asked ChatGPT, what questions to ask about ChatGPT so chatgpt ko hi maine pucha, or and these are the questions.

These are the 10 questions, which actually ChatGPT gave me and these are on my screen right now. And the first question itself was what is ChatGPT? And how does it work? So I think we covered it. I’m going to ask two three questions out of this list. And so So my next question is key.

Abi Ye, industry mein ye disruption kaise layega. What kind of disruptions will ChatGPT to bring in, let’s say, the digital marketing industry, for example.

Adarsh: Great questions. So or should I say Great question, ChatGPT.

Sahil: This is not the question of tangibility. Unfortunately, the ChatGPT did not give me this question.

Adarsh: So when it when we talk about disruption, let’s say the AI can adapt, AI can adapt based on the inputs they get. So there’s a lot of things happening on the digital marketing front as well. Jaise if you want to create a LinkedIn post, right, you’re working on a LinkedIn marketing campaign.

And you want to create a series of LinkedIn posts. ChatGPT can write those posts for you just have to tell ChatGPT what posts what type of posts you want, it can write that post. So this is first ChatGPT can also write blogs for you, SEO optimized blogs for you just have to give the correct input. So this is how ChatGPT works.

You give ChatGPT an input and then it will give you an output. The better the input, the better the art would output. Garbage in, garbage out. If it’s bad, it’s the out It will vary, but it is it’s very good. Your input is very specific, it the output will be very specific.

So we’ve talked about blogs, we’ve talked about LinkedIn campaigns, if you want Instagram hashtags, it can search hashtags for you, if you want Instagram caption is correct captions for you, if you want strategies, it can give you strategies like I will not say detailed strategy, I will not say something, which will, which will replace a digital marketer.

Not something like that. But for example, if somebody who doesn’t know, or does not have time to understand digital marketing, right, any any busy founder or let’s say, somebody who’s starting up new, he can get basics from ChatGPT, that is something very helpful in terms of disruption.

I think the content creation space, wherein we create content, and we get to more ideas, we talk the in that space, I think, ChatGPT can be a disruption because I’ve seen people create presentations. So I was I was talking to my sister and my sister told me I want to create a presentation a detailed presentation.

And that presentation was more than 20 pages long. And she sent me the presentation I was like wow, this must have taken you at least a day, at least a day. She told me I completed this in one hour because of ChatGPT. So she she went in gave the correct prompts. She got all the prompts she got all the answers.

And then she edited it in terms of what is required to tell in the presentation what should be there what the tonality should be it is not. So if you see this is not copying. This is just telling your prompts.

This is this is very helpful. This can work on a blog as well. And, and ChatGPT is not the only platform YouTube who’s using GPT three technology, we have to understand ChatGPT is a product of GPT technology.

So there are different platforms as well was using GPT three technologies, but ChatGPT is free out there and it became viral. So I think as this this can be a disruption in content creation space for sure. In in generating ideas also. So if you ask ChatGPT about some ideas, as marketers Sahil, you must face this problem a lot.

Like we it takes time and it takes research to get new ideas. Go to ChatGPT to ask for ideas for let’s say a very specific thing, how to scale a how to scale a email marketing campaign for a client doing a revenue of $2 million a month who is into SAAS business with a target audience of let’s say 25 to 30 years of age.

Very specific, right? Very specific. ChatGPT to can give you answers.

Sahil: Wow, amazing. So this is very, very interesting. So I have now two questions on this one is what happens to the content creators now content creators you mean what by that? I mean is content writers. content writers are writing content day in day out they are thinking on their own.

But like you said right now if we give this input to ChatGPT then it can give all the content on its own and what will happen to the content writers now which are which are a very integral part of this digital marketing space.

Adarsh: Agreed to so ChatGPT is not perfect. I’ll say it’s not perfect. When I was trying to ChatGPT for let’s say getting some research, right ChatGPT Can you please give me top five ebooks right we we make listicles all the time for our blog, right?

Can you give me top five ebooks in in any domain? I don’t remember the domain but I’ve searched for ebooks every ebook link that ChatGPT gave me was wrong.

Like it gave me Amazon links those links are not working so I’ll stay it is it is in the initial stages. It also cannot replace humans in terms of let’s say there is a brand tonality right away we have to focus on brand tonality. ChatGPTcan incorporate by brand tonality but not as good as a content writer.

Sahil: Okay, okay. 

Adarsh: Like if somebody asked ChatGPT again, please write a Twitter post like Shashi Tharoor. So they wrote like it like Shashi Tharoor, but uh, Shashi Tharoor can write it better than ChatGPT is what I’m saying.

Second is, what ChatGPT will give you is always have to be proofread and check. You always. So content writer writes the content. And a lot of time content writer wears another hat of a researcher, and researches and then writes. So when it comes to researching, and then writing, I think ChatGPT has a long way to go.

Because let’s take an example of upGrowth rate. If a content writer from our growth will write about upGrowth, they have much more input compared to what somebody can feed into ChatGPT.

If we if we talk about any marketing campaign, the content writer will have insights from the landing page, the content writer will have insights from the the ads team will have insights from the analytics team will have insights from like their years of experience as well, right? This is something ChatGPT, you will not having sites to.

Okay, how will we tell chargeability that the analytics team told us that people are not scrolling down? And this is the exact landing page we want to optimize? How will you tell ChatGPT that, like this is I think this is the next phase of this will, this will come down the line. And these are this is combining a lot of things.

But it can assist. I’ll say it is in an assisting role. Compared to replacing the content writers, it can assist, or it can create basic content, for example, write a blog, they can write a blog, and but you should have the research with you. You should have the expertise with you to understand the blog and then edit it according to you.

For example, it’s very small things like you want to get a cover letter done. So in a cover letter, you have only five points or 10 points to talk about. Right? You can give those five points to ChatGPT in the it can write a amazing cover letter for you. That is possible. Okay.

But when it requires intelligence, again, but still you have to edit the cover letter that is regardless. But we which requires intelligence, a lot of research, a lot of background work. Yeah, ChatGPT is something that we cannot rely on as of today.

Sahil: Okay, great. Okay. So you said much. And my second question is on the same that ChatGPT, you said, you know, as assisting content writers or it can be used to assist us in, you know, creating better content or creating more content.

So, how can content writers, social media marketers, digital marketers, all of these people use ChatGPT effectively in whatever they’re doing in their day to day activity?

Adarsh: Great. Okay. So first, good, give good prompts, give good prompts, insightful prompts, like detailed prompts. First, Second, use ChatGPT, you will understand after using ChatGPT what kind of questions are on or what kind of answers it gives. So as a marketer, I felt that chatbot didn’t give you can give you ideas.

But those ideas are not that not something that is we out of the box. This is what I said. But let’s say for a content writer, it can help create content. And then the contributor can come in as an expert, and then can edit it. It saves a lot of time. For a social media marketer.

I think the relevant hashtags and the relevant trends and not say trends, but relevant hashtags can be generated. Or let’s say the relevant captions can be generated. It can also give you a lot of social media management strategies.

You can ask difficult problems as well. If you’re a social media, for example, I’m not able to increase my followers after 2000 after 20,000k followers on Instagram, what should I do? Okay, you can be very specific but we don’t know what the answers are.

As of today, like it can be very actionable it can be very, let’s say bookish, as of now, what I felt is very, is in between, like, it’s not that XML is not that bookish. It is okayish as of today, but we have to always keep in mind that this is just two months.

Two months, more than 100 million people have used ChatGPT like It has inputs of more than 100 million people in two months. And if we go down the line let’s after a year, it will have crazy amount of people using ChatGPT for all kinds of different things, which is integrated in all kinds of different platforms. Just to share an insight.

Then after ChatGPT was launched in the end of November. We were very excited. What ChatGPT is These I got to know about ChatGPT from a upGrowth newsletter, which Amol sir shared. So, by the way, anyone who’s listening to this is not a subscriber of a newsletter, please subscribe to our newsletter, we share interesting things in our newsletter such as ChatGPT.

So, I also got to know our ChatGPT from there and then I started using it after some time, I got to know there is an extension, which is available only for emails, which can reply to your emails, looking at the word, looking at what the person has replied, for example, the other day, there was a task assigned to me.

So ChatGPT, automatically not acknowledged, this will be completed by Tata Tata, this this this and I just have to give the prompt that I will I will complete this task, let’s say by 4pm. ChatGPT will make a complete email. Well, I just have to write five lines. And it created an email for let’s say, more than more than two paragraphs automatically.

So we can see different integrations coming up in different forms. For example, there’s other day we were searching about ChatGPTs integration. And we got to know that Google, it is now integrated with browsers. So if you search, let’s say for anything, the ChatGPt answer will also be there in the search results.

Again, an interesting thing. So now we understand it is not only getting data from people who are going to ChatGPT website, but it is also getting data from all the services which are integrated to ChatGPT ChatGPT, they will have input from my emails. ChatGPT will have input from my searches, which will help chargeability make a better, very good, is what?

Sahil: Awesome, awesome. And there’s also a paid version of ChatGPT. I think it’s called ChatGPT plus, so can you tell a bit more about that as well? What is the difference?

Adarsh: Okay, so ChatGPT plus is launched very recently. We are recording this on third of February, which is launched it is launched on first of February. So ChatGPT plus is basically a $20 a month subscription service, which will allow users to use ChatGPT premium features when they are launched, like new feature introduction will be rolled out to the subscribers first.

And you will be able to use ChatGPT even in peak hours. So, my why this is important. So a lot of times when I wanted to use ChatGPT, ChatGPT crashed. Because it’s, again, we have to accept it’s a free service. And they need very big servers to handle that kind of load, right.

And 100M users in two months that requires a hell lot of infrastructure. So GPT crashed, a lot of times, people with subscription will have access to ChatGPT 24/7, it will not crash for them. And new features will be rolled out to them. It helps practically speaking, I was looking for a solution for ChatGPT for a marketing campaign.

I was looking for one or two lines, or let’s say one or two enhancements or what can be better. But ChatGPT was not working that I had to reach out to the content writer and then I got the work done.

But it was crashed that time. If content writer was not available, and I was not able to come up with a better line, then we have to pause itright? Because yeah, this is what

Sahil: Okay, fine. So now I’m going to ask you two three questions which actually ChatGPT has given me so this is from the list of those 10 questions. So this is a very interesting question, what are the ethical and privacy considerations with using ChatGPT?

Adarsh: When it comes to ethical let’s say we are giving an exam or let’s say we have to make a assignment and the students are asked to get to write the complete assignment if and if they get it from ChatG PT.

I think there are ethical concerns there. Let’s say we have to come up with a marketing strategy. So when it comes to work, I feel work is always get the work done.

Regardless, you do it yourself. You do it from five people, 10 people 100 People that don’t get the results. But when it comes to learning as assignments and students that I think can be bigger is that and one more thing is ChatGPT is based on inputs, inputs written by other people inputs present on the website, which is written by somebody else.

So basically, I am taking content from someone who has not given me permission to access it. But I am right. And then taking it taking it as a prompt ChatGPT will automatically take it as a prompt I don’t I will not give the link right, because it learns from the internet.

Yeah, that, isn’t it, I think there is a there is a case going on on ChatGPTor an AI company, which took inspiration from a from a copyrighted or let’s say, or IP protected blog or some type of digital asset creation from that and give the results based on that IP protected digital asset.

That company filed a case against the IP, the AI product at how can you take what is our IP. So I think this is the ethical concern, or let’s say the plagiarism, wherein the plagiarism and everything comes in to privacy.

Secondly, speaking privacy, we all know privacy is little difficult to maintain in the digital era and being digital marketers, we understand it very well. When it comes to privacy. Again, something which is your protected IP is a classic example of privacy, infringement and ethical and ethical problem at the same time.

This but ChatGPT will be storing the it is also storing what the what are the type of branch prompts you’re given? Yeah, I think after a point in time, they will understand what kinds of things you like.

What kind of prompts you give what. So ChatGPT always has a upmark and a down mark. thumbs up and thumbs down on your side it gives. Yeah. Right. So it will understand after a time that according to your personality, what kinds of answers you are up, comes up from now. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. They are. They can do user profiling. And then, again, it takes a toll on privacy. 

Sahil: They have so much of data with them right now. It’s unbelievable. And yeah, the next question is, I think you’ve already spoken about this, but this is a question with ChatGPT has given so can you just quickly tell what are the limitations of ChatGPT? In which scenarios, it won’t work.

Adarsh: Research is research for sure. Providing correct links. I’ll say, getting the tonality and getting the insights, which is not compared to human we’re just comparing it to human but it is not.

In scenarios where intellect is required a scenario where experience is required in creating any type of digital content, or let’s say content engine will ChatGPT So for example, you can create LinkedIn descriptions. But you cannot create a LinkedIn strategy.

It’s very tactical in nature, I will say oh, it can function as a human brain. If you want to consider that way. Let’s say human brain of a child can give you what you say but it cannot think Ai’s can think that

Sahil: how can we know that something is taken from ChatGPT is that possible to find out can be simple plagorism tools find that out or what? 

Adarsh: People are working on it and people are working on it. There are tools out there already. Who can tell you looking at the answer that it is generated by AI but we have no scientificly proven or generally accepted parameter let’s say because as the tool enhances, as the plagiarism tool tool enhances the pleasure riser also ChatGPT will also up its game so that the tool is not able to catch it.

So it’s, it’s like, it’s like, yes, it’s like going battle. But But to answer your question, yes, there are tools out there. And yes, people are already working on tools to catch, ChatGPT created, or let’s say any AI generated content, I’ll give you an insight. So we were hiring for a content role at upGrowth.

And we in a in a copy test, we saw that somebody pasted content from Ai. How do we know because we understood that the grammar which is used is not making sense. And the content writer the Head of Content at upGrowth, pointed that out that there is no way this is written by a human being.

And human will not use a language not use language like this. And not when you’re applying for content. I think this is a this is a limitation. But it was a I’m not saying this is ChatGPT.

I’m saying this is an AI tool. If we look at ChatGPT, it comes under an umbrella of AI tools. Again, we missed to mention that ChatGPT is being worked upon by open AI from 2015. It is not something that popped up today. Seven years of background work is done to get this product out.

And open AI we know is owned by Mr. Elon Musk. So again, financial and intellectual resources were given to open air. Yeah, lots of things in the background to reach here. We don’t know what they hold it till now.

We still don’t know what type of AI is and what level of AI they have. It is just the ChatGPT is given to the public. Know what all it is.

Sahil: Right. Great. And my last question now is, and this is also a question given by ChatGPT, what are the future plans that you see? Or what are what does the future of ChatGPT look like to you? What do you want out of it?

Adarsh: What do I want out of it should not take any jobs. I want ChatGPT to be let’s say reliable, let’s say should reduce the research work. I’m only seeing pointers from my and my colleagues personal experiences. There are a number of use cases. I see ChatGPT creating a website in future.

I see ChatGPT creating UI UX designs, giving solid strategies taking more things as input. A text image sheet CSV files, images, videos as inputs. So that it can make the output better. ChatGPT as a tool which everybody has if it’s free, and if the money is invested. Because they have the money.

They have the resources if because Mr. Elon Musk is the richest man. So if that is invested in done in a proper way, I’ve seen some time ChatGPT is on everybody’s cover.

By the way, people who are not interested in technology. We as digital marketers are always up on the up our games right? In when it comes to technology, what kinds of technologies that we can use. But my friend who is not related to technology, who is not at all related to a technology, new age technologies.

He’s talking about ChatGPT. My younger sister, who is not related to technology, who’s studying is talking about ChatGPT. And at the same time people who are 30 31 not related to industry which is dependent on technology are talking about ChatGPT.

So I think I see this as disrupting a lot of things. And I see this as a revolution. So a revolution has already come. But I think this is just scaling to the next level. This is what I found it right with mobile phones with touchscreen phone screens.

Phones are already out there. iPhone just took it from here to there. I think ChatGPT can do the same for AI.

Sahil: Awesome, so thanks a lot Adarsh, it was great chatting with you, we learnt lot about ChatGPT. I also learned a few things. So it was great talking to you and to all our viewers, hope you enjoyed this and see you in the next episode of Growth Drivers of upGrowth

Adarsh: Thank you so much. Thank you so much Sahil for having me


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