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Seo writers and professionals are always thriving to reach the 1st rank on the SERP. Researching keywords and building up a well-balanced SEO strategy can help us to achieve our goals. Building up a marketing strategy can be very challenging. The first move while building up our marketing strategy is to develop a balanced set of targeted keywords with higher organic traffic.


Keywords are the crucial element of your marketing plan.

Keywords are the core of any marketing plan. Focusing on keyword traffic is highly recommended by well-known professionals.

Why is it important to calculate Organic Traffic?

1. Instantly forecasts organic traffic of the pre-determined keywords for specific SERP ranks.

2. Analysis of organic traffic helps you to develop better content and SEO strategy.

3. Enables you to determine competition for a number of keywords at once and analyze the level of difficulty your competition.

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How to calculate organic traffic for multiple keywords using an organic traffic calculator?

upGrowth organic traffic helps you calculate the organic traffic that you are likely to receive on a specific rank.


Here is how you can calculate organic traffic using a calculator:

  1. Build a list of your top keywords (upto 100 keywords) that you want to rank for.
  2. Estimate the average monthly organic traffic for your targeted keyword.
  3. Choose a particular SERP rank that you desire to target.
  4. Add these values (Keyword+Search volume+targeted SERP Rank) to the organic growth calculator
  5. Our calculator will calculate the organic traffic that you will likely receive for those keywords at your ideal rank on SERP.


The calculator reduces the workload that you suffer during the calculation of the overall organic traffic forecast and planning. This calculator shows results that are accurate and reliable. It helps to make your strategies more profitable and fruitful.

Which Are The Important Metrics To Know Before Using The Calculator?

As discussed earlier, the most important element in SEO strategy is organic traffic. It is the core element or a starting point from where your SEO journey starts. Therefore, we need to emphasize more on the data and its preciseness. This calculator can only be accurate until you are accurate with your prefill values.

The important metrics that you need to know before using the organic traffic calculator are monthly traffic, keyword difficulty, competition level and some other metrics.

What is organic traffic on a website?

The total number of organic users that visit your website within a certain period of time is known as organic traffic of a website. This is a significant aspect while executing an SEO strategy and creating content for a webpage.

There are certain tools that are available online to measure the organic traffic of keywords. One of the trustable tools for tracking organic traffic is Google search console.

To improve the return on investment or to receive higher profits, organic traffic plays a major role. Being a marketer, generating higher sales through your website’s organic traffic is an ideal strategy to achieve fruitful results.

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