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URL Structure

URL structure plays a crucial role in creating SEO-friendly web addresses that include relevant keywords. A well-structured URL can enhance a website’s search engine visibility by accurately describing the content of a page. 

SEO-friendly web addresses that include keywords not only make it easier for search engines to understand the page’s topic but also provide users with a better idea of what to expect when they visit the URL.

When crafting a URL structure, it’s essential to use descriptive, keyword-rich phrases separated by hyphens instead of underscores or other characters. Avoid using lengthy, convoluted URLs with unnecessary parameters or session IDs, as these can be confusing for users and search engines alike. 

Additionally, maintain a logical hierarchy within the URL structure, reflecting the website’s content organization. A clean, concise, and keyword-inclusive URL structure can improve the overall user experience and contribute to better search engine rankings.

URL structure is an aspect of on-page SEO, making it an on-page entity.

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