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Online Marketing Conversion Calculator

This online marketing conversion rate calculator allows you to evaluate the entire process of internet sales and marketing, from ad clicks to actual sales and ROI. It can be used to test your marketing funnel and determine whether your new digital marketing strategy is productive or needs further changes.

The conversion rate is a clear indicator of the performance of marketing efforts. Thus, a convenient Online Marketing Conversion Rate Calculator is a must for businesses to optimize their marketing strategies in the future. This Google Conversion Calculator helps to understand the performance of your Google Ads.

Conversion rate optimization is critical because it allows you to reduce marketing expenses by maximizing the value of existing traffic and users. You can boost sales per visitor, attract more customers, and expand your business by optimizing your conversion rate with this conversion rate calculator.

Know if your conversion marketing is on the right track with upGrowth’s Online Marketing Conversion Calculator or the Google Conversion Calculator.

Why is it important to calculate Online Marketing Conversion Rate?
  • It aids marketers in determining the effectiveness of a campaign, ad group, or individual ad.
  • It helps in the reduction of customer acquisition costs and the generation of additional revenue.
  • Improving the conversion rate helps boost profit per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CAC

Which metrics are required to use the Online Marketing Conversion Calculator?

There are three important segments in the Online Marketing Conversion Calculator – the conversions, the cost of the conversions, and the revenue generated.


Each of these categories includes multiple metrics that need to be filled in order to know the conversion rate. In order to use the Online Marketing Conversion Calculator, you need to know the ‘Impressions’ – An impression is a metric that measures how many times your advertisement has been viewed or engaged with.


The CTR (in %) – The ratio of users who click on a given link to the overall number of users or adverts is known as the click-through rate. It’s a standard metric for determining the performance of an online marketing campaign.


Visits – A single person who comes to your website and browses is referred to as a visit. A visit counts all visitors, regardless of how many times they’ve visited your site.


Leads – A lead is a person or company who is interested in what you’re selling. Contact information, such as an email address, a phone number, or even a social media account, is shared to demonstrate interest.


Leads to customers – the percentage of leads that result in someone buying your product, indicating that the lead has turned into a customer.


Next, for the Online Marketing Conversion Calculator, you need the following metrics –


Cost – The whole expense of your online marketing is referred to as the cost. If the amount of page views is important, you can use the website ad revenue calculator to figure it out.


CPM – The cost per thousand impressions is referred to as CPM. Check out the CPM calculator for more information on this figure.

CPC stands for cost per click or cost per visit.


The cost per lead is self-explanatory: it’s the amount of money you spend to receive one lead.
As you might guess, the cost per customer is the total cost of advertising required to acquire one client.


Revenue is the amount of money you made from your digital sales. You don’t have to reduce the costs of setting up the ad, thus it’s not equivalent to the income (net profit).


Return on investment (ROI) is a percentage figure that indicates how profitable your company is. The larger the return on investment, the better. If the value is negative, it suggests that you need to reconsider your business because you are currently losing money!


The terms “revenue per click,” “revenue per lead,” and “revenue per customer” is self-explanatory. They are a good indicator of how profitable a company is in comparison to others.

How to use the Online Marketing Conversion Calculator?

This calculator requires no special skill. All you have to do is gather the required metrics and fill those in their respective space. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button and you will have your results. This calculator is extremely user-friendly and can be used by all founders and marketers.

What if I have no idea how to calculate the ROI in percentage?

ROI is determined by subtracting the initial investment value from the end investment value (which equals the net return), dividing the new figure (the net return) by the investment cost, and lastly multiplying it by 100.

What are the benefits of using a free conversion rate calculator?

It helps evaluate campaign effectiveness, reduce acquisition costs, generate more revenue, and optimize marketing strategies efficiently.

What is a good conversion rate on Google Ads?

A good conversion rate varies by industry, but generally, a rate above 10% is considered strong.

How to calculate CVR?

CVR (Conversion Rate) is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the total number of visitors and multiplying by 100.

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