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Keyword Density

Keyword density is a concept in SEO that refers to the frequency with which specific keywords 

or phrases appear within a web page’s content compared to the total word count. This metric is used to determine whether a page is relevant to a specified keyword. Historically, marketers used keyword density as a major factor in their SEO strategies, aiming to optimize pages by using keywords at a particular density. 

The idea was that a higher density could potentially enhance a page’s ranking in search engine results. However, overusing keywords can lead to “keyword stuffing,” which negatively impacts readability and user experience, and is penalized by search engines.

Today, the importance of keyword density is considered less critical than it once was, with search engines becoming more sophisticated in their ability to analyze content quality and context. Modern SEO practices now focus more on relevance and semantic content quality rather than mechanical keyword repetition. 

It’s recommended to use keywords naturally within the content, ensuring they support a clear, reader-friendly narrative. Effective use of keywords involves integrating them smoothly into text, titles, headers, and metadata in a way that feels organic and enhances the information provided to both users and search engines.

Keyword density is an on-page entity representing the frequency of target keywords or phrases within the content of a webpage, influencing keyword relevance, topical focus, and search engine rankings, with excessive or insufficient density potentially impacting SEO performance.

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